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Service companies deliver their products personally to customers, that is, the producer and the consumer are face to face, so they need customers to recognize a high value in the service they receive in order to retain them.

The gastronomic services are aimed at satisfying restaurant needs through the art of presenting food and beverages, in accordance with established technical standards, complying with essential aspects such as hygiene, decoration, courtesy and speed.
According to different authors, the gastronomic service is conceptualized as the act of serving using the cutlery placed on the diner, the set of tableware and other utensils, and a staff organized to meet the customer's needs, among others.
It is the Food and Beverage Department responsible for ensuring optimal compliance with the standards of the restaurant service. It has been found, through research and comparative statistics, that half of the money inflows of a restaurant come from this department. (Comblence, 1989).
Food consumption is a permanent and compulsory need, of interest for all clients, specifically the preparation of the food and the service gastronomic play an essential role being without a doubt processes, keys within the restoration.
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