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Control that costs of the Buffet Table, it is quite a problem due to the unpredictability of the behavior of the clientele in this type of gastronomic service, which is marked by its own characteristics. Hence the importance and usefulness of this work, studying some factors that affect the costs from the Buffet Table, such as Prices of acquisition of products, consumption and their performance.

To arrive at these indicators, we worked with the reports of the food outlets of the warehouse towards the Buffet, either for breakfast or lunch and dinner. They totaled consumption and costs (totals and per capita) per month and in the quarter studied January-February-March, and the performance of the products that most affected the Cost within the Fruits, Sausages and Meat families.
As part of the results achieved, it was shown that the families with the highest participation in costs were: Dairy Products, Meats, Sausages, Breads and Fruits, Meats and Sausages due to their Prices and the others for their levels of consumption. Furthermore, within the Frutas family, it was evident that the one with the lowest yield is Pineapple and for Meat, it is First Clean Meat, while Sausages have high yields.

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