The pharmacological action of the It is mainly due to its bases. The cerebral cortex, the central nervous system increases its activity, uplifting and producing a further development of thought and a greater capacity for job performance. La caffeine It also acts on the spinal cord, providing muscles with a greater speed of contraction and eliminating fatigue. 

El theaccelerates the heart muscle, especially the conxánticas, especially caffeine, which confer stimulating properties of the central nervous system, facilitate cortical activity, inhibit sleep and reduce the feeling of fatigue. In five cups of te, the amount of caffeine ingested is 0,3 grams; It is a respectable amount, but it should be known that the caffeine it does not produce side effects as it does not accumulate in the body, since it is easily eliminated through urine.

The main effect of this alkaloid is excitation, since by stimulating the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system increases its activity, elevating mood and producing greater development of thought and greater ability to perform at work. The caffeineIt also acts on the spinal cord, providing the muscles with greater speed of contraction and eliminating fatigue. The the accelerates the heart muscle, especially the contraction of the left ventricle. Also the theine favors diuresis by stimulating the outflow of water from the body, since it dilates the capillaries of the kidneys, increasing the circulation of water through the renal tubules. In the cardiorespiratory system it stimulates the respiratory centers and bulbar vasomotors. The theophylline and the caffeinethey produce an inotopic and positive action, increasing the heart and coronary frequency. The theobromine produces relaxation of smooth muscles, especially at the bronchial, urethral and bile duct levels.

El the is lipid-lowering and astringent and is especially recomendado against physical and mental fatigue, diarrhea, bronchitis, asthma and obesity. Consumption of the lowers cholesterol and the arteriosclerosis, activates the secretion of gastric juice, strengthens estrogens and promotes longevity.

El the, same as the coffee, creates addiction.

Tea properties according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Reduces sleep.
  • Calm el spirit and eliminates distress.
  • Stimulates vision.
  • Refreshes the mind.
  • Helps reduce the energy of the cloudy.
  • Mitiga the effects of alcohol.
  • Delete la fat.
  • Delete the heat and the toxins.
  • Stimulates salivation and quench thirst.
  • Eliminate phlegm.
  • Heals dysentery.
  • Heals the fistula.
  • Stimulates diuresis.
  • Loosens the intestines.
  • Fights the cold and stimulates perspiration.
  • Strengthens teeth.
  • Heals the anorexia.
  • Preserves the health and the youth.
Mineral salts and active principles of tea: theine or caffeine
  • The Mineral salts at the sound sodium, potassiumand nickel. It also contains copper y iron, silicon, aluminum, magnesium, match y football, although some of them lose their solubility with the aging of the leaves.
  • Another important content of the the is fluorineknown teeth protector. He essential oil distilled from the It is yellow in color and has a strong odor, which is the cause of the aromas of the the. Contains the the cathechic tannins and polyphenolic derivatives, such as the flavonoids kenferol, quercetol and myricetol.
  • The best-known components of the the, and the most appreciated for their effect, are undoubtedly the xanthan bases, the main one of which is theine or caffeine, since it is the same alkaloid, it also contains theophylline and theobromine. The presence of vitamins in the the it is minimal but they constitute an enrichment of the drink by containing Vitamins type A, B, C, E and P.
Preparation of teas
We present three ways of preparation, depending on the mixture of teas:
  • TEAS WITH MILK: Varieties of Sunrise in Garnata y pakistani tea. These mixtures lend themselves more to their elaboration Milky, rescued from tradition, since the fruit composition does not enter their mixtures, which would take away the aroma and flavor of the tea.
  • Su preparation It is as follows: One part of water and three parts of milk. The tea ratio is one teaspoon of coffee and about 200 ml. of liquid per person. Milk of any kind can be used, including vegetable milk, although the original recipe is cow's milk, or goat's milk. Dry tea is put in the teapot. The milk and water are then heated, but separately. When the water has boiled, pour it into the kettle, cover it for about 30 seconds, and then add the hot milk. Cover again and wait about 2 minutes. It is then served in small quantities. If sugar is required, it is incorporated into the glass, and never inside the teapot.
  • MILKLESS TES: The rest of varieties
  • Proportion: 150ml of water and a teaspoon of tea coffee per person.
  • Preparation: bring the water to a boil. When it is hot, pour into the teapot where the dry tea will already be, in the appropriate proportion. Wait about 2 minutes for the infusion to be made, and it is served in small portions. You can add sugar once it is served.
  • Moruno tea: This variety admits the sugar inside the teapot. Once the water is incorporated, the sugar is added to the teapot, one teaspoon per person of shaved coffee. While the infusion is being made, stir it from time to time so that the sugar does not agglutinate in the bottom of the teapot.
  • COLD TES: They are only made with varieties of teas that do not contain milk. They are made with three-quarters of the normal water. Once the infusion has been made, previously crushed ice is added to the teapot. They are usually extremely refreshing, and the varieties with green tea also admit sprigs of mint or fresh mint. It gives them a very good flavor. The varieties of Fruits are especially appreciated by the younger ones, since they do not carry the strong flavor of the ceylan tea, black tea o the green, and in its variety of granita they are very pleasant to taste.Normally, the tea is usually accompanied by sweet dates, almonds and different desserts made from dried fruits.
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