Ferran Adrià takes gastronomy to technology

The chef Ferran Adrià. EFEThe “Bullipedia”, a 20 million dollar project, will allow “creating knowledge”, according to the chef
Decoding, technology and innovation are the words he repeats Ferran Adrià when he explains the $ 20 million project that, he confesses, he is now passionate about, and with which he seeks to process “knowledge for education and as the first weapon to create”, not only in the gastronomic field but in all the others.

This is the "Bullipedia", a great gastronomic encyclopedia that will not only"Order knowledge" in the matter with the use of tools technologies such as the Internet, but it will also allow "creating knowledge", explained the award-winning Catalan chef in a meeting with Efe in Panama.
On board a yacht and on his way to cross two locks on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, the country he visited for the first time this week, Adrià stressed that the "Bullipedia" is one of projects which supports the BulliFoundation and is based above all on research.
elBullifoundation is based on three pillars: elBulli1846, an exhibition space of 8.000 square meters, located where El Bulli (Gerona) used to settle; elBulliDNA, the work team that will develop creativity; and Bullipedia, the web encyclopedia of gastronomy and kitchen western.
Bullipedia, Adrià explained, would be “an encyclopedia, made of paper and with websites, that allows you to be alive. AND you are creating all this knowledge, which has an order according to the process that is carried out, which is linked (linking), and when you have all this is when you do the final process, which is linking together ”.
“For this, we say that it is a 10-year project and about 20 million dollars dand investment, that of Bullipedia ”, revealed the international chef and who has been considered one of the 100 most influential people in the world, according to the American magazine Time.
Quick to speak, the winner of three Michelin stars acknowledges that right now the "difficulty" he faces "is to explain the project", which has been underway for a few years, which "is complex to understand" due to the novelty.
“In January 2012 three or four people embarked to do this and little by little we are building. At the end of 2013, we realized that we are capable of doing this decoding ”of knowledge, he affirms with evident enthusiasm.
Is "A work of much investigation of the how, the why" that seeks to lead to the “dream web” that, in addition, will be opened “to experts through the internet” to become a kind of “highly curated Wikipedia”.
For that there will be "70 permanent people, from all fields, philosophers, artists, cooks, journalists", who will work from next April in "elbullilab", a space of 2.500 square meters in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
“Now we are with schools of kitchen that could be collaborative, "said Adrià, after insisting that the Bullipedia project is applicable in "Any field", but that his team "is only going to do it for gastronomy".
The international chef and ambassador of Telefónica since 2010 visited Panama precisely to promote innovation, creativity and new technologies as drivers of transformation.
"The project that I carry out with Telefónica is the order of knowledge linked to new technologies and that we want it to serve for education and innovation," he told Efe.
The renowned Catalan chef replied that, in addition to elBullifoundation and the alliance with Telefónica carries on projects on business with his brother, Albert Adrià, in Barcelona, ​​where they have four restaurants operational and will open a fifth soon that will be called "Enigma."
For next May, Adrià will open “in Ibiza a place with Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian entertainment company that describes itself as a“ dramatic montage of circus arts and street entertainment ”.
The project with Cirque du Soleil "It will be a reflection on entertainment, gastronomy, parties, art, it will be very interesting."
"It is not a show, it is complex, we are finishing it, we have to make a space of 2.500 square meters in Ibiza, several floors, a terrace", revealed the Catalan chef without further details.
However, Adrià stressed that he has no plans to expand commercially outside of Spain, because he believes "that it is not easy to transfer a gastronomic concept" like his
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