How to generate quality in customer service?

Quality in customer service = Satisfaction

From our own experience we know that it is not pleasant to receive dissatisfactions when we put on the shoes of a potential consumer or client, when trying to satisfy a need or solve a problem. For this reason, we will surely agree when projecting the fact a little more when saying that nobody likes to be dissatisfied, especially in our days when we have many similar and even better options in the mercado to be able to choose.
On many occasions when I address this issue with businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, managers and sales representatives, I end up confirming the great chasm that exists between the desire y reality in our days, even in businesses or entities with a recognized track record.
The first of these refers to the fact that everyone agrees on the importance of quality of attention in the satisfaction that it provides to its current and potential clients, appreciated as an indispensable step to differentiate itself from its competitors in the market in which they operate. 
The second of them represents what really happens in the field of concrete events and what ultimately counts based on those wishes.
In the field of reality, the best theories, values ​​and beliefs are worthless, since only what was done counts so that each representative of the company can provide effective quality in customer service. 
Accordingly, it is appropriate to recognize that the only thing that is worth is the perception and assessment that every current or potential client makes of each act and gesture received through each representative of the organization with which they are related.
In professional terms, each of these face-to-face contact events between them and the different representatives of the company are called “moments of truth”.
In each of them there is a face-to-face contact meeting for different reasons such as a phone call to obtain initial information to analyze the possible acquisition of a product or service, a visit for technical reasons after a purchase, formulate an administrative claim, request information or technical assistance, etc.
The importance of such moments is due to the fact that, in each one of them, the perception of the client or prospect is developed as logical and obvious consequence of the satisfaction that they could have achieved on that occasion. In this way, at the end of each contact there will be a conceptual and perceptive judgment of what happened there.
When the moments were satisfactory, that is to say within the average, people probably do not remember them as much as those others when they were surprisingly good or very poor. This is because strong impressions are recorded more deeply and remembered on our "hard drive", both good and bad.
To do nothing about it, according to each case, is to allow the own initiative of each representative of the organization to continue doing what it does and to reiterate the consequences of their attitudes and behaviors.
But if you want to establish the way in which you should proceed in each case, it is only achieved from the moment that managers and businessmen recognize that it is necessary to BE more than to APPEAR. 
In short, each and every current and potential client is the only judge who will allow each business or activity to become a success or to leave its place to other more successful ones, for this simple but very important reason.

What is the satisfaction we want to provide?

Before answering this initial question from Insights On the subject, it is important to highlight (although surely it is already known), that everything that happens with quality is not due to "spontaneous generation", but is the product of what each representative demonstrates and performs in each of their everyday contacts.

This only occurs when each representative who occupies a contact position in the organization with clients and prospects, has been selected with the appropriate profile and has been capable to generate the actions that produce satisfaction and delight, in accordance with the beliefs and values ​​that managers possess.

Another interesting aspect to highlight is that the quality of customer service is not only in the attitudes and actions of the sales representatives, exclusively. 

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All the representatives of the different areas that make up the organization and who, on some occasion must come into direct contact with potential market opportunities and with their clients or patients, endorse the criterion that I promulgate in this regard: "the entire company sells"

By way of synthesis, the theme goes through establishing “What is it"And"how should it be done”In each contact position of the company so that what entrepreneurs and managers understand to be a good quality of customer or patient care can really be produced through the attitude and behavior of each of the members of the organization.

But this will only be the beginning, since it will permanently correspond to obtain reliable information on the satisfaction provided and implement corrections or improvements that rectify or increase the quality level provided, respectively.

This is developed in a simple way to apply in Chapter XV of my new work, in order that it can be brought to the field of events by each manager, entrepreneur or entrepreneur who so wishes. There are also formation activities specific for each case in which it is necessary to train the different representatives of the organization.

This represents one aspect strategically important in each contact with current and potential customers, and thereby achieve the much desired consequence that arises from consistency in its application and is known as the differentiation of competitors in the market. 

And every time to start something important is always: a wonderful moment.

This article comes from the site: The Professional Sale © and has been written by Martín E. Heller
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