As a special offer

The buffet They have acquired great relevance for some years, they were born as a special offer to the client who, in general terms, welcomed them, soon it was seen that they involved a certain reduction in personnel, which made their use spread on the one hand and on the other were the object of attacks and criticism, despite the buffet vio carried out its strategic planning element since it brings undeniable competitive advantages, this in the long run in the maintenance of quality and in the achievement of the viability of some companies.

As he says saying

"You eat first with your eyes"Says the saying and who can deny the pleasure that supposes to all the curious especially if it treats delicacies as specific as well preparations. Catering establishments seeking to offer their customers an attractive table and a relaxed atmosphere are presented with several options, one of which is the traditional service, which is very pleasant to eat comfortably installed with a cozy decoration and to be served by friendly and courteous waiters. , both the one-day customer and the vacationer who wants to enjoy their well-deserved vacations, whatever formula they choose, all demand quality, and quality must be present not only in traditional service but also in a recent modality, although already well established: THE BUFFET.

Comes from France

The term buffet comes from the French language and means sideboard, however today when we use this word we want to express something else we refer to the exhibition with a view to immediate consumption of a more or less extensive set of foods that the diner approaches to select those that most appeal to you and proceed to consume it sometimes standing up, although generally sitting in the vicinity of it.
The most genuine characteristic of the Buffet we could fix it in its free character, in fact the first thing that was announced they used that word as a claim to indicate that the diner could eat as much as he wanted and this one well displayed such prerogative since the first experiences that many of the participants used to end up with quite heavy digestion.
The popularization of this type of service was not entirely clear; there are authors who point it out from the Nordic scramble. Some countries from Latin America they call it the Swedish Table, while others attribute its discovery as a method of work to mere chance arising from inventiveness that used to accompany the presentation of problems and relate how the lack of personnel in a certain establishment made this system work As a result of its great success among clients, it went from being a circumstantial solution to becoming an institution, what seems to be clear is that locating it at such a late time does not correspond to the testimonies that place it many years ago.
The origin of the BUFFET is lost in the night of the times and in a certain way it is logical, he says that the exhibition of food has been a habitual fact since prehistory, perhaps the antelope just married and placed on a stone cannot be considered as such. From there for thousands of years the action of placing food in a disposition to be consumed has taken infinity of forms although the most usual of all are obviously those that offered greater comfort for the diner, that is, those that were placed within reach of their hands whether he was reclining or sitting so that he could taste the pleasures of the table.
The meeting around food soon went from a mere physiological need to a social act, the fact of eating in company, especially of drinking, was found to gladden the hearts of human beings and to incite closer relationships between them and was used to dialogue, to discuss important issues or to cultivate friendship and love, in these acts the delicacies were placed in front of the diners so that being exposed and being able to use them as much as desired constitutes a background that evokes the current buffet .
Greeks and Romans are the peoples that have contributed the most to the popularization of these feasts but of which there is no doubt is that it was the development of the technique of making the great pieces assembled that gave the gastronomic samples the dimension and brilliance that it achieved in the XNUMXth century, and was precisely the great french cook Marc Antoine Karen the great artist who introduced these techniques.

Varied, attractive and comfortable, the truth is that the Buffet is not without its seductions.

The Buffet is a party, a great show, it displays all its attractions, wears its best clothes and takes care of the smallest detail, a smile, a flower, a flattering light, wants to surprise and seduce, who could resist its charms, but not It is only about beauty, the buffet has different characteristics that go beyond mere aesthetics in the first place: the buffet as a restoration system does not need the menu because in some way it is itself a life-size menu in which the The names of the dishes are replaced by their real image, it is a showcase, a way of organizing the food by arranging the different dishes in front of the diners so that they are attracted by such an appetizing show and come and choose what most seduces them and then to eat, standing or generally sitting in a place where the details are properly cared for to provide the client with the pleasant climate that any good gastronomic experience requires ica.
Secondly, the Buffet guarantees the client total and absolute freedom of movement, the diners move at their whim and walk the buffet tables examining the dishes getting closer to the temptation, to finally fully fall into it, if you already know the dish And if you like it, you can use the amount you want and if it is an unknown dish, you can take a small amount of it, satisfy your curiosity to try something new, maybe you will always only have a chance to try in case the experience has been satisfactory, and behind the buffet there will be a waiter ready to help; but if for the adults the buffet is comfortable and attractive, for the little ones it can become a fascinating experience.
The buffet does not mean lack of staff or attention, much less behind an exquisite and artistically presented dish, there is always a team of people concerned that both the food and the service display are correct, ensuring that each dish is a source of pleasure, be a joy to the eye, an irresistible temptation. It is well known that gastronomy is an art, but it is complemented by aesthetics so the pleasure of eating is duplicated and rises to the rank of ritual in which the senses participate, taste of course, primarily sight.
Another characteristic of a good buffet lies in the large number of dishes proposed, something that undoubtedly represents one more incentive for the diner who thus sees his or her choice possibilities multiplied, a variety of dishes therefore accompanied by the highest quality of In addition to food whatever amount is served will pay the same and this also whets the appetite.

Thinking about the customer

Working with the customer in mind is something that hospitality professionals have to do. Cold technique is not enough, to get a good result you have to put soul, heart, love in the preparation of the dishes so that when these go out to the exhibiting table get the surprising, dazzling effects to which we previously alluded. It is then when the chef can enjoy for a few moments the admiration of his work of art.
The advantages presented by the buffets are in fact multiple, it allows the client to be able to observe the appearance of the dishes and at a glance decide on one or the other, he can repeat a delicacy as many times as he wants, or be curious trying a little of all . To this freedom of action and decision are added the speed and efficiency of the buffet formula.
A well-conceived buffet is characterized by the smooth flow of customers, therefore, waiting times between dishes end and everyone has the possibility to eat at their own pace, however not everyone accepts the fact that they have to stand up. It is true that for some people a dinner in a good restaurant or a vacation in a luxury hotel means total rest, the law of minimum effort and above all the possibility of enjoying what from the rest of the time it is forbidden to express your wishes and see how they are fulfilled in a word being served for this public, there is a service that offers restaurant traditional. It is not intended to defend the buffet at all costs or to impose it as a single solution but rather to expand the range of service formulas, there are so many types of buffet, so many their possible classifications that it is difficult to list them all, in this variety the imagination of the organizer as the needs of the hotel or the restaurant.
There are fixed structures in the case of establishments that permanently opt for this modality, these in turn may have wheels or not, the former have the advantage that they can move to a corner of the room when it is needed to other purposes on the contrary that unlike the ones we are seeing are mounted with boards on legs or easels and are covered with fabrics and constitute another option for a specific service, cocktail parties, conventions or longer or indefinite periods.
There are some for each of the three meals of the day, with breakfast being the most widespread formula, undoubtedly because it considerably reduces the number of clients requesting this service in the rooms and since the buffet is international, it can be adapted to more diverse schedules. , the hybrid between breakfast or breakfast and lunch or lunch is known by the name of Brunch
El buffet-assisted It is an equally satisfactory solution for the client since it has personnel, most of them chefs willing to help advise and serve the demanding diner.
Another formula is the so-called buffet-partial in which the client chooses the first course from the exhibition and sometimes the dessert and the waiter serves the second one after his choice of the menu or menu.
Given the great adaptability of the buffet, the restaurateur who wants to take advantage of this modality will choose the one that best suits their type of establishment, category, staff, the forum, and their clientele, after all, what matters most is customer satisfaction. maximum guarantee of success and profitability.

Buffet Financial Management

The expansion of the world tourist offer and the lowering of air fares for groups has created in recent decades a strong competition that has forced hotel companies in developed countries to become more competitive and as a consequence, to seek new formulas for Looking for adequate prices without losing quality, the price war imposed by the supply effect had in some cases brought down the gastronomic product of seasonal hotels to limits that were unacceptable at the same time, and due to the significant reductions in staff, the times of the Customers who had to wait in the dining room until they became insufferable, the buffet became the lifeline for these companies, otherwise they would have had to close their doors with the consequent loss of jobs.
The economic advantages provided by the buffet are diverse:
  • A faster service, which allows to increase the productive capacity of the establishments.
  • A lower workload per unit of consumption, which enables the attention of this greater number of clients without increasing the cost of personnel.
  • Although not always, an indirect decrease in the direct cost of raw materials.
But curiously and against all odds, these advantages of companies are accompanied by advantages also for customers:
I.Who enjoys the variety of choice of dishes.
II.You can eat in a very short time.
III.In general, he considers that his diet has improved.
The buffet product is based on offering the client a fairly extensive number of dishes from which they can choose to compose their breakfast, lunch, or dinner; the client himself approaches the display tables and selects these dishes and also repeats the same operation as many times as he wants.

For all this, unless you are invited by a special service, you pay a fixed price.

Rather born for an event of some relevance where it was desired to convey an impression of abundance and generosity, the buffet was deriving as an economic instrument at the service of competitive strategy, it may seem to the layman that the fact of making a theoretically unlimited amount available to the diner of food many of them of high price can unbalance the cost of the raw material consumed this can happen at parties, a single-day buffet, or isolated events where the diner takes advantage to satisfy the physical and psychological needs, which for economic reasons, dietetics has been accumulating, "a day is a day", this is something that the restaurateur must take into account above all to advise potential contracting hosts that they should not look bad in front of their guests in an act that, like a wedding, can happen only once, or very occasionally, in a person's life, but when the buffet is used daily te for clients who are going to enjoy them for periods of one or two weeks. There are several factors that keep consumption within reasonable limits, sometimes even below what would be the cost of a varied menu of a similar category.
  1. The first of these is the tendency of the human body to select a balanced diet. It is known that the most expensive foods are those with a high protein percentage such as meat, fish, shellfish, etc. On the first or even the second day, they may find customers who take a little more than would be logical, but soon they will feel that the desires of this type of food are appeasing, diminishing and that they want more other carbohydrate and fiber compounds. vegetable, logically accompanied by the essential fats the excesses of proteins produces in the short term a certain rejection.
  1. Second factor is what is known in economics as the law of large numbers, people tend to behave as a group in a regular and predictable way that makes possible deviations from what we have previously commented occur exceptionally and normally compensate with exceptions of opposite sign.
  1. The third factor is the imagination of the bosses of kitchen, there are excellent and appetizing dishes whose cost is very low and it is important to discover them, try them with our customers and present them in the right way.
La management To actually organize a buffet you have to base it first on where we are, and on the possibilities of the market, since we have a wide range of possibilities. Within the market we find international merchandise, basically the products we consume are from the land, they are from here to the management from the buffet in summer because once at night you pick up and go to the market, you fill your needs with fruits, vegetables, and vegetables and obviously you are always looking for price-quality so you should go to the market three or four times a week to do a check-up to see the products directly and to have a very close contact with the suppliers.
The Cook must have a conscience, a very clear vision of the costs and of the market product that can be bought at a price of the highest quality today and perhaps a week from now they will rise then, that is when we have to store…
The beach buffet of open places for clients in an informal plan, the buffet gets us out of a huge trouble apart from offering a frankly optimal quality because then comes a very adequate cost. The professional gives us the option to make a rotating circle of merchandise that we change with the letter at night, there is a wide range that the professional can have to take out their merchandise in optimal condition and look good in front of the client.
Once the products have been ordered, the suppliers send them to the establishment, which normally enters through the goods door, where they are received by the warehouse staff, who check that the shipments agree with quantity, quality and price with the orders placed. It is standard practice for the Boss kitchen Due to both their knowledge and the great responsibility assumed by participating in this verification, which is often extreme to high-cost or high-risk products, it may be that some item has to be withdrawn because it is not in good condition although good relations with providers make it run smoothly.
Once it is in agreement, the approval is signed and the appropriate registrations are made, after receiving the products and they are stored in their corresponding places. It is important that each product has a fixed and corresponding place so that no contamination occurs, as vegetables will be separated from meats and this in turn from other articles; periodically the head of kitchen Or whoever he designates will go checking the degree of maturation of the meats in order to choose the appropriate one for the day's work.
Once the products are processed, they are prepared for presentation at the buffet, this is a phase in which hygiene standards must be applied with all rigor, given that these products will no longer undergo any transformation before consumption by the customer.
The quantities of each of the articles have been carefully established by the head of kitchen depending on existing customers. There is no doubt that the balance between the quality of services and the achievement of the budgetary objective is one of the qualities most appreciated by the head of the department.
It is also the time when the cook has to demonstrate his creative sideof artist - decorator, since a careful and harmonious presentation is essential for the buffet to fulfill its function as an attractive and suggestive showcase.
The next step is to take out the preparations for consumption, we are not in favor of tricks such as delaying the departure of more expensive food unless there is a single entry shift or independent shifts since it can deprive early risers of the possibility of trying it should not be monitored while serving as it can be unbearable as much at the buffet catered can allow the presence of a cook or waiter attentive and request that they serve and at the same time portions rationally and if the customer wants to repeat that they do it without any kind of psychological pressure, which does result in keeping not very high quantities of these dishes on the buffet and replenishing them so that they are never lacking. A client will have to behave differently in front of 10 servings of lobsters than in front of 100, the problem existing in certain types of establishments where the client takes fruits from the buffet can be avoided by cutting this fruit or presenting it as a salad.
The preliminary studies that must be carried out before setting up a buffet for the public can be divided into three phases: first look at the competition and the area that is given as a buffet, what price the customers pay and then try one to find out how many customers you could make. How many covers can you make, then you get to the amount of coverage you can do.
It is known that a buffet requires a minimum of place setting, you cannot set up a buffet, we would say (depending on the type of buffet) for 15 or 20 places, you have to sell at least 50, in most cases then according to how one foresees your potential clientele that you might have in your restaurant because then it determines a type of buffet, then you see the price more or less of the dinner that could be applied and already on that price it is determined what part of that money is delivered to the client and what can be dedicated to food, then with That sight is given to the chef the amounts of money per covered or if it is a percentage of sales, then the covered can vary depending on certain times and it is convenient to have a percentage set at a price on the sale price, because this percentage is what determines the relation of cost price per person, sale price per person.
To end this chapter of management economic we want to note that the correct appropriate technique is essential for the survival of the company but what ultimately matters is the final profit figure not the percentages of these, we must not get carried away by the slavery of the ratio what to Sometimes you earn more with 40% gross margin than with 70% everything depends on the sales figure on which it is applied and the fixed costs that must be borne.
Equipment and materials for the buffet.
The etymology of the French buffet sideboard is above all a piece of furniture where food is displayed, but before approaching the furniture that will be used for the buffet, it is necessary to take into account the space available, such as your dining room, how many seats it has for how many customers it intends to serve, what staff is available, what buffet is offered to the public; these are some questions to ask first.
In a mobile buffet it is made up of removable elements, tables and boards similar to those used for banquets are used when the table has only one side of the service is called buffet-frontal, another possibility is to mount the buffet centrally. and using circular tables, the supply points are diversified and the feeling of self-service disappears, but there are also permanent furniture, with or without wheels, specially designed to fulfill the buffet function.
As a general rule in the design of the equipment, three factors must be taken into account:
  1. The buffet furniture must be dimensioned in a matter of the number of clients it is destined for.
  2. That it must allow easy and quick access to the personnel, the service will gain in speed and the replacement will be done with ease.
  3. That fosters a good circulation of customers both towards the buffet and throughout it and around their tables.
Resort to furniture specifically conceived and manufactured to fulfill the buffet function that has multiple advantages:
  • Be provided with plates that keep food cold or hot.
  • Adequate lighting to highlight the image of the product and not distort it
  • Respect safety and hygiene regulations.
  • Present greater functionality and adapt to the space of the premises and the needs of the establishment.
The possibility of finishing it and covering it with materials such as marble, granite, wood, brick, metallic mirror, ceramic, synthetic materials, etc., Allows you to adjust your image to the decoration of the room where they are going to be located, so you can achieve a perfect harmony in the decorative style of the environment.
The main functions that lingerie fulfills are:
  1. Constitute an important complement to food hygiene since it will be in permanent contact with the utensils and with the client.
  2. Provides comfort to diners.
  3. It allows to decorate a simple table and get some interesting decorative effects.
As far as tablecloths are concerned, there are different fabrics, sizes, shapes, colors, in terms of fiber, for example, several factors must be taken into account when buying tablecloths, the use of buffet will mean continuous washing and ironing so it is better to choose a fiber that is easy to maintain in terms of skirts or table folds. The fibers used are synthetic, they can have pleats of different widths and shapes and they exist in a wide range of colors. It should not be forgotten that the table linen of the buffet must form a harmonious set with the rest of the dining room.

Containers and complementary elements

Complementary elements:
  • Heaters such as the hot trolley intended for complete carving pieces that keep food at the proper temperature during service are generally based on the water bath system.
  • Heating lamps equipped with a white light infrared ray system that is preferably used to keep foods such as pasta, rice and fried foods warm.
  • Equipment to keep hot or cold broths or soups.
  • Tureens, platters, bowls, etc.
The buffet that you want to offer must first be perfectly studied in order to determine with the greatest precision all the elements required for the proper development of the service. For this, it is convenient to make a list of all the needs depending on the menu as well as the number of customers and of the available personnel in which the equipment such as barbecues, baskets, consomme carts, carving and flaming carts will enter in this relationship, do not forget to include all the appliances and service utensils such as mobile isothermal containers to transport food to the buffet in optimal hygiene and conservation conditions, especially if the journey is long or outdoors, do not omit the well-known cutlery and tongs whose correct use is an essential hygienic measure. In case the pastry does not come divided, we must have appropriate utensils for it, as well as a wedge to serve soups, knives and forks to carve etc. as well as all the cutlery for diners.
The smallest details must be taken care of in the buffet, adequate lighting must be given to enhance its appeal, whether natural or artificial, it must serve both the buffet and the dining room, the lighting of which must coincide with that of the buffet in a harmonious and nice. Regarding lighting, there are two factors to take into account: firstly, the quantity must be enough to highlight a special dish, leaving the rest of the food to receive uniform lighting, and secondly, the quality must be careful, the coloration of the Light should not detract from the natural coloration of the product. If it is an outdoor buffet it should not be forgotten that the sun should not directly hit the food.

Preparation of the buffet

  1. Preparation of the necessary material and this is where you must take care of all the hygiene measures established by current legislation, one of which is to achieve maximum cleaning and disinfection of all the material, equipment or utensils to be used (lingerie, cutlery , crockery, glassware) all of them have to be subjected to treatments that allow to achieve their asepsis and disinfection, generally through the combined application of detergent and heat. But the cleaning that we have previously referred to can leave visible traces on both the glasses, plates and cutlery, so without altering the level of disinfection achieved by the processes, previously described, the operation called review is necessary. This consists of polishing with a clean cloth the surfaces of the pieces aided by water vapor in the case of glassware as a humidifying agent.
  1. Later and a little before the dining room opening hours, the tables are set up with the necessary pieces that, for a standard buffet, are made up of tablecloth, napkins, bread dishes, cutlery, glassware, and petit-menage. The dishes, whether they are soup bowls or trincheros, are not necessary since the client himself took them from the buffet to serve himself food.
  1. In the dining room turned into a real anthill, the buffet is set up, a complicated operation that requires a great sense of operation from the operator.
  1. Each one of the series of delicacies has to be placed in a previously determined order and that coincides with the usual form in which it appears on the menu and menu entrees, salads, appetizers, soups and creams, etc. However this order is not rigid but can be adapted to the requirements of the establishment in this assembly, in addition it will be necessary to observe a very important rule to remove in the optimal time those foods that especially can be contaminated or those that must be kept at a different temperature out of the environment, previously and with enough time in advance we will have heated or cooled the heating plates so that when the food arrives they are ready. Tables and tablecloths must be ready to place dishes and utensils; Dispatch, place food, make sure proper heaters are in place, all in rigorous order and impeccable logic.
  1. The mise en place of the buffet consists of the following steps:
  • Start the water bath or infrared.
  • Transport and decorate the decorative elements, both overall and specific to an area.
  • Place the dishes for customers in the right places.
  • Transport all dishes from the kitchen to the living room and place them on the buffet, respecting the basic rule of decoration and the order of consumption desired.
  • Place the plates of replacement In the right place.
  • Choose and arrange the service utensils so that they are easy to handle by the customer.
In order to effectively distribute the different fountains, trays, saucers, etc. on the buffet table and combine them with the decoration elements, it is necessary to possess a certain sense of aesthetics and knowledge about the harmony of colors, qualities that in many are innate but can also To learn and develop, in addition to all this, you will have to follow a few rules, for example, if the sauces and dressings are placed next to the food that they must accompany, they will make customers choose the combination of their meals. It is interesting in any case to have a little attention, the view will be fixed first on this and then it will discover little by little. The environment is also important that simplicity and clarity prevail an overloaded object distracts the customer's attention and prevents him from appreciating the choice, do not hesitate, playing with different heights using tiered tables or simply placing a tray on a shelf, a block or plate upside down making sure of course that it remains stable. A last glance at the buffet allows us to verify that everything is in order, its global perspective gives us the possibility that the optical effect has been achieved. Also it will be necessary to verify that the necessary material is ready for a quick use, let us not forget that the waste of time of the clients in a buffet is something that should not happen precisely. One of the main advantages of this service is that it eliminates waiting times.
The color present in our daily life is also in the food either by the person who owns the food or by the container that is presented, or by the frame where it is exposed or by the place where it is served, to combine the colors A buffet is thus not only an art but also a seduction factor that is interesting to manage to attract the customer. It is not bald to see that the colors red, orange, pink, brown, yellow, and light green excite the appetite while lilac, violet, yellowish green, and olive reduce it. Conveniently using colors in the presentation of dishes is an intelligent formula but that proper use has certain rules to be achieved, avoid the profusion of colors and the combination of those that are considered incompatible, the classic decoration rules can be applied to buffets with the exception that the same extensions that we find in this field will also be discovered in gastronomy. There are no absolute values ​​or inflexible patterns and therefore, as in the art of the buffets, genius can be found within the most absolute heteroplasmia.
Not all establishments have the same possibilities when it comes to setting up a buffet in those that a large number of diners are oriented to figures that can be around a thousand in several shifts, the decoration to make way in terms of priorities regarding the Functionality It is evident that it is very difficult to achieve great decorative effects when hundreds of plates have to be placed, but the effort of highly trained professionals allows good aesthetic results.
On the other hand, every day the demanding hygiene measures are imposing new limitations and it is logical that this happens because the priority objective is to keep the diner's health safe, which is why the trend is to see each day with more profusion more functional buffet and more protected, which will make the presentation of food progressively more sophisticated.
The decoration from the buffet.
As far as buffet decoration is concerned, there are those who think that the final phase is what is done in the assembly, the artistic distribution of the dishes and their accompaniment by decorative elements often sought at random and sometimes of doubtful clear taste. Dangerous in terms of food hygiene, the time has passed when we saw a pair of dead partridges accompanied by a shotgun and a canana together with a stew of these pickled birds.
The decoration of a buffet has to be done if possible with the food itself and at most with aseptic or edible accessories. This forces the decoration to begin with proper planning and inevitably begins in the kitchen where all the work must bear this aspect of the decoration in mind. They happen the same with desserts, these often like cut fruits have a translucent texture which will make the light fall on them producing special effects, an importance that must be taken into account for when they go out to the dining room, they are not seen. Food in the same way inside the kitchen as outside it is something that certain professionals ignore, there is no color without light, so the tone and intensity of it is a determining factor in the modification of the tones.
So it is important to choose the type of fruit to be used and the way they are cut, in addition to meeting functional criteria, it must be aesthetic and harmonious.
One of the decorative accessories that we talked about before may be the fruit basket, a kind of natural still life not intended for consumption but to constitute a sample of all the fruits found in the buffet. The vegetables, fruits and vegetables properly worked constitute an excellent and cheap reason for decoration because the arrangements made with them can be spectacular.
The ice motifs are spectacular: there are different types: the carved ones, those produced by freezing water in a mold that allows other elements to be inserted inside, in this case some pieces of seafood.
A skillful person can transform a simple tomato into a whimsical motif of buffet decoration, this apparent ease with which it works, however, cannot be achieved without practice and probably a certain predisposition, certain vegetables such as cucumbers, lend themselves admirably to these functions. due not only to its texture that is easy to shape but with the possibility of playing with the attractive contrast between its interior and exterior color.

To summarize the most important aspects of the buffet decoration:

  1. Having previously defined a style as well as having taken the necessary steps to plan the material aspects in which that style is intended to be embodied.
  2. Apply the basic rules of decoration for this type of gastronomic exhibition. They must be harmonious in the combination of colors, they must have a clear three-dimensional effect dominating the width, height and depth, they must give the sensation of wealth, variety and abundance, in the same way that there are very beautiful people but with little appeal and there are others less graceful that are very seductive with their sexapil. The buffet has to get that hidden factor that appeals above any other consideration to the diner. There are great masters of cuisine who master this art without many times themselves knowing for sure where their magic touch comes from. That lively grace is more important than a cold and erratic perfection and towards that form of creativity chefs who want to be artists must advance that in a single profession the talent of knowing how to assemble and decorate a good buffet can be found.

Some considerations of the service in the buffet.

During the service the personnel must be present in order to fulfill some functions such as:
  • Serving the diner in everything you may need
  • Undo the dishes
  • Remove empty trays and replace them with full ones
  • In the case of an assisted buffet, either chefs or waiters stand behind the buffet table to serve some or all of the dishes to the clients, in this way the presentation of the food is better taken care of, the size of the portions is controlled and above all service is streamlined.
  • Cooks can provide the carving service, so they must be people who are not only skilled in this type of skills but also competent to operate facing the public, the latter having the possibility to choose between the different types of meat or fish on display.
  • Another task that waiters usually perform during the buffet service is carried out in the dining room, in a breakfast buffet it is normal for coffees and infusions to be served, during lunch and dinner drinks are served, previously chosen that are normally billed separately.
If you want to offer your customers a barbecue service, a very successful formula must have a raw meat or fish counter available to the public where each diner can choose their piece, sometimes in this type of buffet you have to pay a price supplementary by the same that consequently is not included in its global price.
At the end of the meal it is necessary to pay or sign the invoice, this can include the price of the buffet plus the extras and only the latter if the client is on alimony can also be made at the table. In higher-level establishments or to be completed upon departure, in those that wish to expedite this process and impose greater control, even in others, the consideration of the drink is required at the same time of service, a formula that produces an image of a lower category. . In the end when the clients have already left; the staff is still active it is now necessary to clear the tables and leave the facilities clean and ready. This is one of the tasks that costs the most work, it is an anonymous task without the encouragement of the presence that the clients provide and you are already tired but you have to finish it.
The success of a buffet depends on many factors, but firstly, having properly planned and set it up, during these phases, the necessary measures must be taken to facilitate both the service of the staff and the comfort of the clients. By studying the circulation flows, the food will have been arranged so that it is accessible while protecting it from any contamination, and the decoration will have been played with to achieve an inciting effect. But above all, above all, the client will have been offered what they most expect and value, our hospitality, without which all of the above will have been a futile effort.


  1. Buffet means sideboard but nowadays we are referring to a more or less extensive exhibition of foods in which the diner can select the ones that most appeal to him and consume them immediately, this being one of the advantages of the buffet.
  2. The buffet is varied, attractive and comfortable, it is not without its seductions.
  3. The buffet is a life-size menu in which the names of the dishes are replaced by their real image.
  4. In the buffet there is a great proposal of dishes in which the diner sees his possibilities multiplied
  5. The well-conceived buffet is characterized by the smooth flow of customers so that they can eat at their own pace
  6. The buffet does not mean lack of staff or attention, much less. Behind each exquisite and artistic dish is the concern of a team of people such as: Cook, Dependents, etc.
  7. The breakfast buffet considerably reduces the number of customers requesting this service in the rooms.
  8. There are different types of buffets: Breakfast, Brunch, Assisted and Partial
  9. LThe economic advantages provided by the buffet are diverse: Una faster service, which allows to increase the productive capacity of the establishments. A lower workload per unit of consumption, which enables the attention of this greater number of clients without increasing the cost of personnel.Although not always, an indirect decrease in the direct cost of raw materials.
  10. The advantages for customers are: Who enjoys the variety of choice of dishes. PYou can eat in a very short time. CIn general, he considers that his diet has improved.
  11. Consumers can select and consume any number of dishes from the display tables and pay a fixed price, except for the guests.
  12. High amounts of high cost dishes should not be kept on the buffet.
  13. Clients should not feel any psychological pressure when they want to repeat a dish
  14. Previous studies must be carried out before setting up a buffet, and it is convenient to set a percentage in the price on the sale price of each place setting.
  15. The final profit figure is important and will depend on the sales figure on what is applied and the fixed costs that have to be borne.
  16. Three factors must be taken into account in the design of the equipment for the buffet service:The buffet furniture must be dimensioned in a matter of the number of clients it is destined for. QIt must allow easy and quick access to the personnel, the service will gain in speed and the replacement will be done with ease.That fosters a good circulation of customers both towards the buffet and throughout it and around their tables.
  17. There are multiple advantages in well-designed and manufactured furniture to fulfill the buffet function:Be provided with plates that keep the cold or heat of the food.Adequate lighting to highlight the image of the product and not distort it.Respect the rules of safety and hygiene.It presents greater functionality and adapts to the space of the premises and the needs of the establishment.
  18. The possibility of finishing it and covering it with materials such as marble, granite, wood, brick, metallic mirror, ceramics, synthetic materials, etc., It allows you to adjust your image to the decoration of the room where they are placed, so that a perfect harmony in the decorative style of the environment.
  19. The tablecloths for the buffet should be chosen as a fiber that is easy to maintain due to continuous washing and ironing. In addition, the tablecloth has to form a harmonious set with the rest of the dining room.
  20. The containers and complementary elements for the buffet service must be taken into account, such as:
Complementary elements:
  • Heaters such as the hot trolley intended for complete carving pieces that keep food at the proper temperature during service, are generally based on the shaving dish system.
  • Heating lamps equipped with a white light infrared ray system that is preferably used to keep foods such as pasta, rice and fried foods warm.
  • Equipment to keep hot or cold broths or soups.
  • Tureens, platters, bowls, etc.
For the good development of the buffet, it is convenient to make a list of all the needs according to the menu as well as the number of customers and available staff in which the equipment such as barbecues, baskets, consomme carts, carving and flaming carts will enter. In this relationship, it should not be forgotten to include all the service appliances and utensils such as mobile isothermal containers to transfer the food to the buffet in optimal hygiene and conservation conditions, especially if the journey is long or outdoors, do not omit the well known cutlery and tongs whose correct use is an essential hygienic measure. In case the pastry does not come divided, we must have appropriate utensils for it, as well as a wedge to serve soups, knives and forks to carve etc. as well as all the cutlery for diners.
  • Lighting is important in the buffet because it must be necessary to highlight a special dish, and the color of the light must not impair the color of the product. In the outdoor buffet the sun should not directly hit the food.
  • Among the advantages of the buffet service is the elimination of waiting times.
  • In the buffet you have to take into account the harmony of colors and lights, from the place to the food or vice versa.
  • Food quality and food hygiene measures are two key factors at the buffet.
  • The decoration must be done with the food itself, although you can use aseptic or edible accessories.

The success of the buffet depends on:

  • Proper planning and assembly of the same.
  • Adopt necessary measures to facilitate customer service and comfort.
  • Study the circulation flows of consumers.
  • Food must be accessible at the time and protected from any contamination.
  • The decoration should achieve an inciting and pleasant effect naturally.
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