If a few years ago we had googled the words food or chef at CES, we wouldn't have found much, but since more than a trillion dollars in the last five years In food technologies, things have changed a lot. It is clear that the world of new technologies for gastronomy, restaurants and tourism are having an impressive boom.

Every year in: "January" takes place in Las Vegas on  International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) And there you can see the great innovations that are already trending and those that will be in the coming years in our sector. Here are some of them:

Whirlpool Future Kitchen

The first one is a kitchen interactive, which combines all the functions of a kitchen conventional, with social media. This is possible because the kitchen It is integrated with social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. In addition to video, Skype, etc.

The user experience as you can see in the videos is spectacular, very flexible and adaptable to each person.

new gastonomy technologies

As commented by the people who saw this kitchen Live, it is a dream come true that can change the lives of individuals and families. They commented that this is an innovation that could be expected from Apple or Google, but not from this firm. Well, you see, here is a market, consumers and innovations for everyone and everywhere. Here are a couple of videos of this technology.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Food scales

Smart Diet Scale it's a weight food with a wireless Bluetooth system, which is able to calculate the nutritional value of a complete meal in one go.

As we see in the following image, this weighs, in its application, records everything you have eaten, in a nutritional way, very visual and focused on the user.

If you want to set goals or objectives, daily, weekly or monthly, with this panel you can see it in a very simple way.

new gastonomy technologies

This weighs, recognizes up to more than 315.000 foods and 80.000 dishes of restaurants, a not inconsiderable figure. To see a little more how this weighing scale works connected to the mobile, watch this video.

Food Sensor

How do you know if an apple is really pesticide free? Or that the fish have been treated with potentially harmful antibiotics? Now people who care that their food is pure will no longer have to rely on confusing labels to better understand their products.

The food sensor The Penguin It measures various traces of chemicals, such as pesticides and acid, as well as the antibiotics commonly used to treat meat, poultry, and fish. High-tech sensors only need a little food to read and results are ready in minutes.

Here we can see the mobile application, with a panel that explains the entire composition of the food and the substances foreign to it. We also see the penguin itself, which is the sensor. This is how this device works that will surely give a lot to talk about.

3D food printers

Although I have been talking about this innovation for years 3D printers for gastronomythis new XYZPrinting Food Printer It has the specialty of preparing cookies in just a few minutes, yes, it only makes the mixture, it prints them, but they come out raw, so you have to put them in the oven.

Kitchen mechanical arm

This new technology for kitchen It is a little scary, haha ​​it will be because the prototype is not fully developed yet. It turns out that we can have an evolution of the classic robots of kitchen in this way.

new technologies in gastronomy

Belty Smart Cintron

Finally, this is the belt, Belty,  that I should bring and that many of my blogger friends could use quite well for when we go on gastronomic trips 😀

Belty, is a smart belt, which integrates a pedometer that monitors inactivity, analyzes our waist. It works with Bluetooth and has a mobile application to record all this.

For example, Belty can be asked to tighten if we are inactive for a certain time or to tighten when we have already eaten a lot, so it warns us, enough for today.

 Belty can be operated by touch. See how in this video

And what do you think? We always talk about the future that one day will come, but the truth is that it is already here.

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