When lose weight or improving our diet is about, there are multiple resources that we can go to facilitate the task. From our simple and powerful conscience, to a more humble software and objects, but no less interesting as they are the new cutlery set IC3.

The cutlery set IC3 comprises a spoon, a fork and a knife, which will not only help us introduce the bite into our mouths, but this group of objects are intelligent and were designed so that through their data, we improve our diet in favor of health.
Each piece of this original set fulfills a different function to achieve complete information. The fork is in charge of evaluating the nutritional composition of the food to consume, detecting the amount of fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates and sugars.
On the other hand, the spoon detects the serving quantity since it weighs the contents and the knife, take the temperature of each bite to signal the safety of the food when ingesting it.
Then, when you have finished your meal, the IC3 can be connected to a computer or other device to download the information collected by this set of smart cutlery that, in addition, produce a nutritional report of the food you have eaten.
Although it seems an overly sophisticated resource, these are only simple objects that will help us to know everything we eat on a daily basis and, in addition, will make the task easier by giving us specific data on the nutrients in some foods.
Likewise, seeing that our diet improves due to the data that we are incorporating into our minds with these cutlery, can be a great stimulus to gradually achieve, modify our habits in search of a healthier lifestyle.

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