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The companies dedicated to food production have among their main challenges to offer healthy, nutritious and hazard-free food for their customers' consumption, which requires daily compliance with good manufacturing practices, an essential requirement to guarantee food safety and customer safety.

Good manufacturing practices form the foundation of management from quality, the starting point for the implementation of the Analysis Hazards and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
This work is aimed at promoting knowledge of good manufacturing practices and incorporating them into the daily tasks of food handlers in the Kitchen Central de Tarara, belonging to the Habana Este Branch.
The application of scientific research methods and techniques allowed to identify limitations in the preparation of food processors of this company in terms of: hygienic handling of food, personal hygiene, knowledge of Sanitary License and Operating Practices.
To resolve these limitations, an Action Plan is proposed, a practical contribution of this research, aimed at minimizing the limitations identified and incorporating them into the daily tasks of food handlers.
The relevance of the proposed Action Plan was verified by means of the Expert Criterion, evaluating the experts consulted 25 Very Relevant actions and 1 Quite Relevant action.

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