Invest in restaurant equipment

It has never been a secret that the kitchen a restaurantis the heart of that great machinery of the gastronomic services; it is the key piece for a perfect start and end in operations. The combination of the human factor with the material, where knowledge, beauty, experience and above all well-being are mixed, added to the interior and exterior environment of the premises, make hungry and wealthy clients invest their emotional and economic resources in satisfaction.
In other articles we have discussed how important it is to cause a good first impression; good taste and quantity is not only enough, customers expect more than quality; They expect well-being, a good atmosphere, a pleasant climate and above all they value, infinitely, time.
It has been an ancient mistake to consider that the also information you are satisfied if you are offered abundant and good-tasting dishes in a place poor in decoration, lighting and with equipment out of time. In restaurants so and with results we should applaud your staff, without question they are your best resource, but they begin to depreciate over time, due to the wear they are subjected to.
Open a restaurant It is not an easy thing, to be able to do it you must have a long light, you should not only think about the present, but you must consider the experience of the past and look to the future.
When planning any type of investment, whether to renovate or create, the audience to which the business will be directed, the menu to be offered and the location are always taken into consideration; I personally consider that these are the first three elements that any entrepreneur would value to take strategic and create budgets; And that's logical, now the big problem lies in how balanced that budget is. If we go into detail, there are key items that require careful monitoring, it cannot be purchased for buy and fill in the blanks and that is one of the biggest mistakes made.

Neufert: The great architect

Neufert, a great architect who spent a lot of time detailing on plans of restaurants, of different types and in different spaces, has always made clear in his works the important role that the furniture and machinery in this type of business and I agree with him, for the role they play in all aspects. And I explain: Although you as a restaurant have a motivated, young and experienced staff, they are human beings who are fatigued by the time they are physically subjected to, if you add to this that the equipment for the preparations, transportation and upkeep are not good enough it will double the work and service time and, ergonomically, they will impact your staff and, of course, your business; first, because it will have physically worn personnel, they will incur absences or even abandonment of work; you will be affected by instability and therefore you will not achieve a standardization of services (with consequences on quality), you will be subject to a environment it can lead to lawsuits and you will lose customers; in addition to finding the easiest but least recommended way to carry out their work.

In this sense, my biggest advice, to be brief, is to invest in the best means materials so that the combination between employees and them lead to results that are reflected in the economic and financial reports in a positive way, in the repetition of that client who will become an active member of their business and in the stability of their staff and your brand.

To finish an example of Suppliers Quality equipment, environmentally friendly and high technology is this Spanish company with more than 30 years of experience.

Remember, investing in the future is the best reward you can have in the present.
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