The Tea Ceremony (2021)

The tea ceremony

Harmony, reverence, purity and calm. These are the four elements that represent the embodiment of the Tea Ceremony in Japan.
Nature and modern art blend harmoniously in the living room of tea and its peaceful garden. The principle of refined simplicity taught by the old masters is strictly observed. Whatever one's rank in life, rich or poor, noble or commoner, the tearoom equals us all. The kings and their subjects touch their knees and, for that short time, in the tearoom, they are all one.

Cult of tea

The cult of tea, commonly called the "tea ceremony" (in Japan), is an aesthetic pastime that consists of serve and drink green tea. Coming from Japan, the cult of tea has played an important role in the artistic life of the Japanese people for more than four hundred years, since it has its origin in the Middle Ages as a form of ethical aestheticism born under the influence of Zen Buddhism.

In fact, in the ideal of the tea ceremony can be glimpsed an image of the Japanese who finds the virtues of peace, harmony, courtesy and beauty in the simplest things in life.

The chanoyu or "tea ceremony" brings together the presence of religion, literature and philosophy, as well as art and crafts.

There are certain aspects about the main forms of the chanoyu ritual that a Westerner may not understand. For example:

  • there is a difference between usucha (sparkling green tea) and koicha (thick, pasty tea);
  • the etiquette that the host must observe when serving tea and what the guests must do at the ceremony;
  • the spectacle of the tearooms and gardens;
  • the various utensils used, etc.
The list of Japanese words associated with chanoyu is long and exhaustive and we won't bore you by showing it.
Suffice it to say that being present at a tea ceremony as a guest is an honor.
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The tea ceremony
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