The Command (2020)


The Command. The document that says everything

Description and use: It constitutes one of the fundamental primary documents within the procedures accountants in gastronomic activity.
It is also known as note o order, the latter prevailing because it is used to record and indicate the applications of food and drinks made by one or more customers to the different areas of the installation (hot area, cold area, bar), as appropriate, the preparation, preparation and dispatch of what is requested.
The name of the game is given to the group of clients, from one onwards, who occupy the same table, and an independent command must be drawn up for each game as such.
In the heading of the same, the salon captain or the clerk will write down the following fundamental data:
  • Personal identification of who makes it (name, number and / or signature).
  • Installation or gastronomic area.
  • Room number (if it is a facility with accommodation)
  • Date.
  • Table number (or place at the counter or court).
  • Number of diners.
And then, they will be written in an order analogous to that which appears in the menus or price charts, the requested food and drinks. Likewise, each of the diners will be secretly listed, starting from the host or certain client that is selected and to the right of it, in order to identify:
  • Which customer requested each food or drink.
  • How they prefer the preparation and elaboration of the same (cooking terms, accompanying sauces, with or without ice).
  • With what garnishes.

The cooking terms, specifically applicable to red meat, can be up to six:

  • Red o very rare
  • English or rare
  • Medium red or medium rare
  • Medium o medium
  • Well cooked or well done
  • Very well cooked or very well done
Said Endings they will be annotated by means of symbologies adopted that are easy to interpret by the cooks. It is clarified that, according to international hygienic-sanitary regulations, poultry and fish meats in general must be served well cooked, taking into account the high risks of bacterial contamination that these products possess.
The orders will be made in original and sufficient quantity of copies (or independently), in order to distribute them conveniently between the cashier-checker and the kitchen areasay bar where orders are requested. When executing the billing and collection operations, there must be full correspondence between the orders reflected in the orders, the checks to collect from the customers and the consumption actually made by them. 
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