The thesis presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by the diplomat Yamilé Delgado Santa Cruz. To download it completely you can do it through the following link:

Its structure includes the following contents:

Chapter 1. Theoretical fundament.
1.1 Logistics
1.2 Business Logistics Activities
1.3 Efficient Supply
1.3.1 Efficient shopping. Selection and evaluation of Suppliers.
1.3.2 Transport Activity in the Logistics System
1.3.3 Efficient Storage
1.3.4 Efficient Inventory. Types of Inventories The Demand
1.4 Tickets associated with Supply Management
1.5 Mathematical economic models for Inventory Management.
Episode 2. Characterization of Restaurant Tower. Design of a methodology for your Supply Management.
2.1 General Features of Restaurant "Tower".
2.1.1 Organizational and administrative structure.
2.1.2 Types of clients
2.1.3 Main suppliers:
2.2 Supply Management in the restaurant "Tower"
2.2.1 Description of the purchase process.
2.2.2 Storage and control of Inventories.
2.3 Proposal for a Supply Management System for the Restaurant "Tower."
2.3.1 First Stage: Diagnosis of Supply Management. Proposal for the Evaluation and selection of suppliers.
2.3.2 Second Stage: Determine the inventory policies to follow through the use of mathematical models. . Classification of products in Inventory. Projection of Demand. Assignment of security inventories. Tickets of Supplies. Selection of economic-mathematical models.
2.3.3 Third Stage. Validation of the proposed methodology.
Chapter 3. Application of the methodology in the Restaurant "Tower."
3.1 Diagnosis of Supply Management.
3.2 Selection of sample products.
3.3 Evaluation and selection of suppliers.
3.4 Classification of products in inventory. ABC Multicriteria method.
3.5 Projection of Demand.
3.6 Assignment of Security Inventories.
3.8 Selection and application of the Economic-Mathematical Model.
3.9 Results obtained with the application of the models.


Today, in order to achieve competitive advantages, companies have engaged in the search and implementation of management techniques and mechanisms, leading to a reduction in costs and an improvement in quality of the final product. Logistics activity is a basic tool for achieving these objectives, in fact, it is considered an integral system, where a set of activities linked in an organized and sequential way allow the organizations to function. One of the most important subsystems within the logistics system is Procurement, whose most current vision in the sphere of trade and services make it a distinctive factor of organizations. Having the product at the right time and with the required quality is a very complex task, but it is undoubtedly a goal for companies in today's world. Similarly, in the field of Tourism, Supply Management regains a marked importance. The limited variety of suppliers, acquiring products at the right time and with the required quality has become a problem that can only be mitigated with the proper use of techniques and tools that guarantee a continuous supply. The most vulnerable tourist entities in the face of inefficient supply systems have been hotels and companies that provide catering services. It should be noted that even when the marked importance of catering in the tourism sector is recognized, many of the facilities responsible for providing this service do not do so with the desired quality, thus generating customer dissatisfaction. In this sense, the main Problems that affect the restaurant business are closely related to the lack of organization, planning, marketing and customer vision, which has been influenced by a poor purchasing and inventory management policy, usually mismatched with demand.

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