La lighting in restaurants and hotels is fundamental.

Good and varied lighting throughout the day is very important for the comfort and well-being of customers.
Fashions in terms of lighting they are changing. Currently, the restaurants They are relatively dark and the table is mainly illuminated, while the atmosphere and the faces of the diners are in the background, preventing them from suffering in strong light. You should try to install dimmers in all points of light to be able to adapt it to the moment and the environment you want to create in the restaurant.
The main lighting function in a restaurant is to create a functional, aesthetic and pleasant environment that will ensure that your customers revisit it again and again.
Simply changing a light bulb can completely improve lighting and give your store a very competitive advantage. An optimal lighting system can help you:
  • Create more attractive and attractive environments for customers
  • Give to restaurant a new image
  • Highlight security for guests
  • Reduce costs power
  • Reduce costs of maintenance
With regards to exterior lighting of the establishment, it is also of vital importance. A pleasant and striking image must be created to attract the attention of customers and make them feel like approaching the place.
Adequate and well-designed outdoor lighting is a great added value for a restaurant and the best way to make a good impression. Getting the best combination of aesthetics and safety with optimal efficiency is the key to outdoor lighting.
At present the leisure placesAs restaurants and hotels are environments in which people and their needs must be points of maximum attention for the lighting designer. The solutions taken in a lighting installation are part of a set and must create pleasant, ergonomically correct and rational environments in terms of energy consumption.
The main factors to take into account when designing the lighting for a room, restaurant or hotel, are the following:
  • Required lighting (luminous flux levels (lux) that affect a surface).
  • Uniformity of lighting distribution.
  • Glare limitation.
  • Contrast limitation.
  • Color of light and color rendering.
  • Selection of lighting type, light sources and luminaires.
Therefore it is very important to take into account the quantity and the quality of necessary light, always taking into account the dependence to be illuminated and the activity for which the space will be used.
Un Lighting system It consists of the following elements:
  • Light sources: Type of lamp used, which will allow us to know the electrical needs.
  • Luminary: It is used to increase the luminous flux and avoid glare. The luminaire is conditioned by the type of lighting and light source chosen.
  • Luminaire control and regulation system.
In addition, before preparing a lighting project for a local, it is also necessary to take into account the following: 

Data on the premises:

  • Enclosure dimensions: Width, length and height of the room to be illuminated.
  • Degree of reflection of ceilings, floors and walls to determine the level of absorption of the premises, which depends on the type of color and material of these elements.
  • Type of activity of the premises: so that it is feasible to foresee the necessary lighting level and the most suitable color temperature.

Lamp Facts: 

The lamp is the active part of the system, that is, the one who provides us with light. To choose the most suitable type of lamp for each room, the following must be taken into account:
  • Type of lamp (fluorescent, incandescent, halogen ...)
  • Lamp flux: amount of light emitted by a given lamp. With this concept we can also assess the luminous efficacy or luminous efficiency: relation between the quantity of light produced by the source and the electrical energy consumed by the network for its operation.
  • IRC and color temperature: physical characteristics of the light emitted by the lamp. They are the apparent color of light and its ability to reproduce colors faithfully and thus influence the welcoming appearance of a space. These factors are very important and must be taken into account since they cause various sensations in users depending on color.
For a rational usage of energy In the hospitality industry we must take into account the following aspects:
  • Control of excessive levels of artificial lighting.
  • Use of paints and colors that favor savings in lighting.
  • Use of low consumption lighting.
  • Use of suitable ballasts and maintenance thereof.
  • Reduction of unnecessary external impact lighting (advertisements, excessive lighting of facades and balconies). Correct maintenance of the lighting system.
  • Central lighting disconnection system in each housing unit, either by card or switch, informing the customer of the company's savings policy.
  • System of disconnection of the luminaires by means of sensors, which would prevent the waste of energy in corridors and places of passage when they are not used.
  • Disconnection of refrigerators in unoccupied units and control of the excessive refrigeration level.
  • Installation of consumption reducers in induction motors.
  • Replacing traditional lamps with other low-consumption lamps, or compact fluorescent lamps.
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