The 5 biggest lies in the history of wine and gastronomy

The expensive wine that was fake, the award for a restaurant that never existed, the luxury caviar made with second class fish. Here are some of the great frauds of good eating. An influential magazine awards an award to a restaurant that never existed. A collectible wine is auctioned off for a fortune and turns out to be fake. A restaurant Cannibal ends up being a catalyst for the vegetarian movement. These are some of the most famous frauds in the world of gastronomy, worthy of a film plot.

1. Prize to a restaurant fictional
The contest of the famous American wine magazine Wine Spectator went down in history for an international embarrassment in 2008, when it awarded the wine list of L'Osteria L'Intrepido de Milan, a restaurant that never existed. It was just a hanging on a page , part of a plan by the critic and taster Robin Goldstein to expose the lack of seriousness of the prizes awarded by the specialized wine media. The fake menu not only won, but also with a “reserved” list of luxury bottles, designed with the wines that the magazine had rated worst in previous years.
2. The most expensive wine in the world was fake!
The Château Lafitte vintage 1787 occupy the first positions in the lists of the most expensive wines in the world. Millionaire Malcolm Forbes even paid Christie's more than $ 156.000 for a bottle, in 1985, for example. But a certain batch reached huge numbers, for an invaluable plus: it would have belonged to the American President Thomas Jefferson, and still bore his initials. Collectors raved. But none of them more than the magnate William Koch. After Five bottles of the coveted French wine for over half a million dollars, he discovered that the initial TH.Js on the label had been printed by an electric machine. Ouch!
3. The cannibal restaurant was vegetarian
In August 2010, European newspapers and specialized gastronomy media announced with great fanfare - and alarm - the opening of a cannibal restaurant in Berlin. Flimé - that's what it was called - proposed the gastronomy of the Wari culture, a cannibalistic people of the Amazon, in combination with classic Brazilian recipes, for which it looked for donors of human flesh on its website, after a medical examination. But shortly thereafter, the manager of the German Vegetarian Federation, Sebastian Zösch, acknowledged that his organization had invented everything to draw attention to its gastronomic movement. "We have never managed to arouse such interest as now," he said.
4. The Pinot Noir Scam
Between 2006 and 2008, the E&J Gallo winery - the largest in the United States - imported from France some 18 million bottles of wine that it marketed under its Red Bicyclette brand, such as Pinot Noir. The reality is that the wine was a cheap Syrah and Merlot blend, which the producers had passed off as the noble and expensive Pinot, making a profit of 7 million euros. The disappointment cost them up to 180.000 euros in individual fines, issued in February 2010 by the courts. No one noticed? It seems not. A real mystery, if one takes into account that, according to the professional body Viniflor, the Pinot vineyard area in the region of the condemned producers is between 0,03% and 0,8%. The area could never have produced as much Pinot as the one E&J Gallo bought.
5. The farce of goat cheese and caviar
In 2009, a school experiment by two students from the Trinity School in Manhattan, Brenda Tan and Matt Cost, in the United States, put the food industry in that country in check. In a Insights Of the DNA from 66 products, 11 were found to be fraudulent. Among them, the high-end ones: the goat cheese was made from cow's milk, the sturgeon caviar was from a spatula fish from the Mississippi River, and the shark's fin was nothing more than Nile perch, a very common fish .
Source: Planet joy
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