Among the tasks of the 1st Maître, 2nd Maître, Head of Hall or 2nd Head of Hall, is to make reservations for the restaurant or cabaret. These will be done by  by phone or in person, on the day, or with the advance notice that has been set at certain times. These reservations can be made in the establishment itself or in offices  prepared for this purpose.

To duly register the reservations, a book will be used in which the necessary data will be recorded, these are:
  • Name and surname of the client for whom the table is reserved.
  • Day
  • Reservation time
  • Amount of people
  • Table or special place that the client wants.
  • Customer's phone or address
  • Room number if guest
  • Payment method
  • Convention of the menu if the client wishes.
When taking the reservation, the customer will be informed:
  • The time limit to which you are entitled after the appointed time for your arrival.
  • If a specific wardrobe is required
  • Need or not for identification upon arrival.
You can also make some observations to the rules established in the establishment at the end of making the reservation.
When it comes to dates indicated in which reservations  they are made personally by depositing an amount of money  for having provided a single menu, a numbered payment receipt will be issued.
Reservation cards are used to place them on the tables to prevent them from being improperly assigned or occupied by other customers.
They will be small folded cards with the word "RESERVED", printed on both sides and that will be placed on the  table, to guide the brigade the correct preparation of the table.
You have to be very careful with the requests made before  Hand by customers, everything must be ready, that if an error occurs, it would reduce seriousness and respect for the establishment.
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