Lingerie; tablecloths, covers, napkins, cloths and stones

Lingerie, made of appropriate fabric, is an important decorative element in the living room. Their duration will largely depend on the care with which they are treated, and    This, as in the case of inputs, must be optimal.

The tablecloths and covers with the appropriate size for the clean and ironed tables will also be subject to observation by the client. They will be classified by their quality and size    and they will be kept together with the napkins. Sometimes observations made by salon staff regarding burns, stains, etc. will help improve washing  the lingerie. The delivery and reception of the lingerie to the laundry will be meticulously controlled by a model designed for this purpose. Damaged tablecloths, covers, napkins and litters, with tears, burns, and stains, will be removed from service.
For your best work at the time of mounting, the table linen should be marked with the # of people to be used. This work will be done by the corners of the tablecloth and the cover and will facilitate its classification, both in the restaurant when assembling or storing, as well as in the laundry when sorting them for later delivery.
Next we will give approximate measurements of the tablecloths and covers for a living-dining room, taking into account that all the tables will not have the same dimensions.
For napkins there are several types of measurements, but we will only know at this time the dimensions of the  lunch and dinner napkin.
The 20 x 20 napkin will be ideal in a restaurant category. If this were very luxurious, the dimension will increase to 25 x 25 inches.
As the surface of the tables is usually made of wood, before dressing them with the tablecloth it will be necessary to cover them firmly with the fleece to absorb the blows, noise of    dishes, soak up spilled liquids and prevent tablecloth from slipping. To adjust the fleece, you can use  a drawstring or tacks, being more advisable the    first.
To cover the table with the tablecloth, proceed as follows:
Place a foot between two legs of the table and unfold the tablecloth in its entire width, so that the central fold is up and turned for us, as are the parallel edges of the fold.
Take the central crease between the middle and index fingers  and between these and the thumbs the edge located under the said fold.
Push the tablecloth to the opposite end of the table, release the center fold, and gently pull toward you. the edge holding between the index fingers and thumbs to eExtend the tablecloth and place it correctly so that the edges fall gently onto the seats and the folds are parallel to the edges of the table.
The fold in the center of the tablecloth will be in the same direction. Take good care of the hems to prevent the tablecloth from turning upside down. Do not run your hands over the tablecloth to smooth it, as removing the edge or crease impairs its appearance.
With the covers, proceed in the same way as with the tablecloth.
Observations on the conservation of table linen
As in any table mounted with a tablecloth, an ashtray will be placed, it is necessary to be very aware of this utensil; first to keep it clean and second so that the cigarettes and tobacco that are deposited in it do not burn it.
All food and beverages will be served with the utmost care to avoid spills on the tablecloths and clothing of customers.
Tablecloths, covers or napkins that are stained during the service will not be placed in the same place as the  others.  They will be set aside and mention will be made of the Department of      Laundry this situation for your greatest concern in washing these.
It is a square piece of cloth, of variable dimensions and of strict personal use, used by clients to clean their lips. Its color must be white or at least light, but never dark, which is not  it will be pleasing to the customer. Napkins no  be handled and placed on the table simply folded. The old form of excessive folding is not currently used, as it is unsanitary. The napkin is also a decorative element that will enhance the aesthetics of the table setting. After being folded, the napkins will be placed to the left of the forks or on the base plate (presentation) if it does not have an anagram of the establishment. When a customer drops the napkin, it will be replaced immediately, collecting the dirty one and moving to the used linens quickly. At the time of the mount they will be reviewed  very carefully as it will be in bad taste for a client to reject it for being stained, broken, or lipstick.
White in color and slightly larger than the napkin, it is an essential assistant for the waiter due to the various uses it has.
  • Polishing pieces of glass, earthenware, metal, tableware, etc.
  • Grab the hot dishes.
  • Transport sources.
  • Cover the bottom of the trays.
The cloth that will be used to polish the dishes will be dedicated solely to this, and will be washed as many times as possible.  necessary to keep it clean and free of stains. I dont know    will use in the kitchen to avoid staining of grease or soot, since it will become useless to use it again in the salon. It will always be at hand.
Below we will point out the use and improper handling of the service cloth:
  • Place it under the armpit.
  • Hang it from your belt or pocket.
  • Clean furniture with it.
  • Dry the sweat.
Also for use in the salon service but more specific. It will hang from the forearm and we will use it for the presentation of the wines, uncorking them, cleaning the spout of the bottle, as well as to collect the drop in the wine service.   
It should be white and elongated rectangular in shape. It is another component of lingerie, so it deserves care and control like the others.
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