"I don't want to go back to restaurant! " exposes the damage that modified food causes in the body, and accuses the chemical industry of paying certain restaurants for the use of their products.

The German gastronomic journalist Jörg Zipprick has just published in Spain “I don't want to go back to restaurant! ”, A book in which he presents the kitchen molecular as "the showcase of the chemical-food industry" and harmful to health.

In the book, Zipprick explains with a clear and accessible text “what nowadays -according to the author- any potential client should know about some restaurants”And reveals that the techniques of the so-called kitchen molecular “they were not designed by great chefs, but food industry”.

In his book, whose favorite target is the Catalan chef Ferrán Adriá - known throughout the world for his culinary experiments - also reveals that research for the use of additives in the restaurant "It has been financed by the chemical industry ... and the taxpayer."

Zipprick explains the creation of the Inicon project, which is an "independent, market-oriented research service provider."

The author also maintains that “no person in charge wanted to answer the question of whether the chefs of kitchen they have been paid with money from taxes and from industry to put chemistry in their dishes. '

The vanguard of the kitchen "Sometimes it bets on ingredients among which some do not cease to arouse controversy among scientists," explained Zipprick, for whom "this is also known by chefs, who prefer not to inform their customers about the components of their creations."

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The "accomplices of techno-emotional cuisine also make their forays into traditional gastronomy ... the representatives announce the supposed 'magic powders' with words such as 'this is what the best cooks in the world cook with'", the book harshly denounces .

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