The 100 Best Chefs in the World 2020

The gastronomic magazine 'Le Chef'has released in the Chefs World Summit 2019 (World Chefs Summit 2019) held at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, the Top 100 list Chefs of the World 2020. This is a ranking that this time celebrates its sixth anniversary and that maintains the same dynamics of previous editions regarding its configuration.

This list is made up of a survey and subsequent vote carried out by more than 500 chefs with two and three Michelin stars from all over the world. The reason for this is that the chefs listed in the Michelin Guide, they are competent enough when judging the restaurants and to the chefs who run them. However, it seems that cooks do not need to have eaten at restaurants who have voted, which perhaps muddies this chefs ranking by chefs.

As usual, the voting cooks have had a poll in which they have been asked to name five chefs who they consider to be the best when it comes to embodying the values ​​of the profession, also developing a kitchen A must for lovers of the world of gastronomy, it is basically the fusion of the two Michelin definitions for the two and three stars.

Le Chef explains that this ranking is a barometer highlighting cooks (hard to believe) for working in an exceptional and outstanding way to achieve culinary excellence, however, if the chefs who vote do not eat in the restaurants Of the nominated chefs, one might think that personal relationships exert a certain weight on voting.

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Something to note is that the presence of cooks in this Top 100 is practically nil, this year there are four (one more than in the last edition), so either new rules are introduced to achieve gender equality, or it speaks only of a list of cooks.

This year tops the list of the World's 100 Best Chefs 2020 the chef Mauro Colagreco of Restaurant Mirazur, for what is considered the Best Chef of the World 2020, remember that last June this was considered restaurant French the Best Restaurant of the World according to The World's 50 Best Restaurants.

In second place and significantly increasing in the classification is placed Christophe Bacquie del Restaurant Christophe Bacquie (France), last year appeared at number 29.

The third classified, falling two positions, is another chef from the French country, chef Arnaud Donckele from Restaurant La Vague d'Or in Saint-Tropez (France), it must be remembered that last year he was crowned Best Chef in the World 2019.

In fourth position and moving up three in the list is Emmanuel Renault of the Flocons de Sel Restaurant in Megève (France),

The fifth classified that climbs five positions in the ranking is the chef Rene Redzepi of the new Restaurant Noma 2.0 in Copenhagen in Denmark.

In sixth position, a chef who is new to this ranking is classified: chef Laurent Petit from The Clos des Sens Restaurant (France).

In seventh place is the chef Dan Barber of the Blue Hill Restaurant at Stone Barns (United States), who manages to climb nine positions with respect to the 2019 classification. The eighth classified, falling five places on the list, is Jonnie Boer from Restaurant De Librije (Netherlands), a chef who has already been in this three editions top 10.

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The ninth chef is also new to the 'Le Chef' List of the World's Best Chefs, he is Bjorg Frantzen from Frantzen Restaurant (Sweden).

And close the top Chef Arnaud Lallement from the Restaurant L'Assiette Champenoise (France), who manages to climb no less than 10 positions in the ranking, is 14th on the list.

As we can see, the top ten positions are occupied by six chefs from restaurants French, one American, one from Sweden, one from the Netherlands and one from Denmark, as usual France dominates the list and not only in the top 10, also in the general list with 30 names.

We found a total of 11 Spanish chefs in this ranking, the first classified, in position 16, we find Martín Berasategui, who falls two positions, in position number 22 is Víctor Arguinzoniz, who climbs no less than 27 positions, in number 25 we find Joan Roca who falls 13 positions, in 41 to Andoni Luis Aduriz falling 14 places, in 53 to Quique Dacosta, who appears this year as a novelty, in 57 to Ángel León also as a novelty, in 59 to Albert Adrìa who debuts in the ranking, in the 61 to Eneko Atxa climbing seven positions in the classification, in 66 to Paolo Casagrande who climbed 14 places, in 72 to Dani García who rose two places (although the Dani García restaurant has closed) and, finally, in 94 is Carme Ruscalleda returning to the list after it disappeared last year.

It would be interesting to know which chefs have voted, if they are mostly French, given the large number of star chefs in the country, one would think that this has influenced the number of French chefs on the list. Personally, we do not consider this list and it is more than likely that several gastronomic critics disagree with the results. You can learn more details of this ranking through the Official Site from Le Chef magazine.

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