The most exotic of cuisine in 'Strange Restaurants'

Did you know that there is a restaurant where dishes are cleaned by the tongue of a donkey and another where bathing in beer is a pleasure?

The most exotic of cuisine in 'Strange Restaurants'.The channel 'Travel & Living Channel', TLC, broadcasts from this month an unconventional program that shows that in a matter of gastronomy and eccentricities the imagination has no limits.

Every Thursday at 10:00 at night it is broadcast 'Restaurants Strangers'; a journey through the world of restaurants narrated by Blob Blumer, who each chapter reveals four places that stand out for their originality and because the diner plays a fundamental role in being part of the show. Here are some of them:* In Japan there is a place exclusively attended by monkeys, who are in charge of giving a true experience to their visitors. But in the attempt there may be the odd surprise.

* And for those of us who never contemplate the idea of ​​eating in a toilet, There is a place in Taipei that serves food in small cups very similar to those of the toilets.

* Who will eat to be attacked by ninjas? Well in a restaurant if this happens. During the service and at the least thinking moment, several ninjas can come out and launch an attack cry that will leave you with your hair standing on end.

* And since many of us consider pets one more member of our family, for them there is a space in the United States specialized in food gourmet for dogs. The only requirement is that they attend gala dresses.

* In Italy there is a restaurant inside a farm with a marked country style and where the dishes are cleaned by the tongue of a donkey. And although no one can believe it, it is one of the busiest.

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* And for beer lovers, Czech Republic has a place where diners can bathe in all the beer they want to drink later.


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