I am the first to admit that behind the human team of this website there is NO genius or 'guru' of e-commerce. Every day we learn something new and this is what makes our work so interesting and rewarding. We like to experiment, to plan, invest time and money, measure results, research, analyze, stay up-to-date, etc., as well as share our experiences with other online merchants. We suggest that you do the same, it is an experience that is more than rewarded over time.

This week we decided to touch on a topic resulting from our experience on the Net: The 10 main mistakes of Internet marketing. Experience has shown us that you are most likely making at least one of these errors, therefore I invite you to read the entire article carefully.
Warning: This article only applies if you are trying to operate an online business. With a personal or hobby page you can afford to make mistakes but if what you are trying to do is a website for commercial purposes ... mistakes are costly and sometimes irreversible damage. I do not intend to offend anyone, my only intention is to point out from our experience of certain aspects that you should avoid at all costs.
—– Error 1 —–
ERROR: Use a free web hosting provider or pay for a provider that does not meet the minimum standards of customer service and technical support. 

Simple. We cannot operate a commercial website on free hosting providers. This strategy simply does not work. From the point of view of a navigator, there is nothing more traumatic than visiting a website whose server is overloaded with users and advertising. I don't mention any names, but some of these providers are just awful. If you believe that our most important asset is our website and that the first impression we make on our visitors is crucial to our marketing efforts, you will understand what I mean. Furthermore, nothing in this life is free. When they give you 'free' space to publish their web pages, they usually require you to show the advertising of the hosting provider, generally through banners located in strategic places on your page. This is simply illogical if we look at it from a business perspective. Nowadays they can find good hosting providers that will give what they need to some costs quite cheap. Face it, if you can't bear the costs of a professional web hosting, how serious is your business taking?
—– Error 2 —–
ERROR: Destroy your website by overloading it with graphics, Java, music, using the latest technology on your website, etc. 

If we consider that the main task of a commercial website is to sell products or services, anything that distances us from this should be considered as undesirable. Unless you are a graphic designer, graphics that take forever to load are not going to help us sell. The same is true for Java applications and popular plug-ins. Sound, music? No, unless you are selling music. Many will think that my statement is too crude and blunt, but what I want to get to is that both heavy graphics or excess graphics, Java applications, accessories (plug-ins) and music, among others, what all they do is that the pages take forever to load. Our visitors simply will not wait. Follow the example of popular websites. Yahoo !, for example, uses a simple but effective interface. In simplicity is the key.
—– Error 3 —–

ERROR: Do not request feedback from your visitors and do not take them into account.
One of the things that is most often forgotten is that it is our visitors who have to like what they see. The rest does not matter. Here's an example from the 'real' world:
A while back we launched a website that used frames. Even though we were aware of the implications of the above, we tried to make this website as friendly as possible.
After asking our visitors through a survey, we discovered that the frames were not to the liking of our visitors and instead of facilitating navigation, we were complicating it.
We understood that if we had not requested this feedback from our visitors (potential customers) we would never have discovered it. Everything from our perspective worked, however a high percentage of visitors were having trouble navigating the website.
What do we have to do? Completely redesign the website. Result: traffic and sales began to increase. You will be amazed at how valuable the feedback your visitors give you is upon request. Remember that your visitors are your potential customers, they are the ones who buy your products or service. Get away from your own perspective, what really counts is how visitors perceive your website and business.
—– Error 4 —–

ERROR: Do not efficiently manage your email communications.
Communications with your potential clients and current clients are of radical importance in your marketing efforts and here lies the success or failure of a commercial website. Since most of the time you don't know your customers personally, you need to learn how to fully exploit the business benefits of email.
Every day we receive email from people who ask us to do business or establish a business alliance. Many of these messages seem to have been written by a child: spelling 'horrors', grammatical errors, poorly formatted, difficult to read, etc.
No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. However, this is not an excuse for the above. Use a good email program, learn how to check spelling and always check it. It is well known that 'the first impression is what counts', in addition 'we will never have a second chance to make a good first impression'.
—– Error 5 —–
ERROR: Spending time on unproductive activities.
For all Internet merchants 'time is GOLD' and that is why we must use it wisely. Since time is a limited resource, you should learn to set PRIORITIES. Some things are more important than others.
Consider the time you spend on various promotional and marketing activities. Do you really know what the most productive strategy is? If you don't know you are simply wasting valuable time. Analyze all your promotional activities and invest your time appropriately. I give you an example: there is a myth on the Internet that says that in order to be successful on the Net we must be positioned in the first places of the search engines.
Result: Many people spend too much time trying to rank high on search engines and neglect other or even more important promotional activities. In another article I will give my opinion about it to the search engines.
'Don't waste time LOOKING for effective marketing strategies, spend your time APPLYING THEM.'  
—– Error 6 —–

ERROR: Do not create an electronic newsletter
If you don't have an email distribution list (by voluntary subscription) to keep in touch with your visitors and prospects you are simply wasting money. Things are that simple: people buy from those they know or trust. And there is NOTHING on the Net that allows you to establish the above as an electronic publication (e-bulletin) in which you can show your recipients that you are good at what you do.
Starting an email newsletter will allow you to stay in touch with your audience and keep them updated on your current and future products and services. You will avoid worrying about being remembered because your name will become familiar through your communications. Furthermore, you can sell advertising in the form of classified ads.
But the most important thing is that you will be establishing TRUST and RELATIONSHIPS. Starting a free subscription electronic publication should be one of your PRIORITIES.
—– Error 7 —–

ERROR: Damaging your reputation using inappropriate advertising strategies (spam)
It is very common, especially among newbies, to think that using unsolicited bulk email is an effective marketing strategy. Nothing could be further from reality. The reality is that using spam is the BEST way to FAIL your business. I will never tire of saying this a thousand and once. Unfortunately, many do not believe it until they experience it for themselves.
There is no valid reason to use 'spam' as an internet marketing strategy. The same applies to publications in Forums or Newsgroups. Place notices in groups to
Those that do not correspond is equivalent to doing 'spam' and is also frowned upon by the community of Internet surfers.
Why use these strategies that produce negative effects if there are so many other resources to market on the Internet? Forget the morals, it just doesn't make business sense to make use of unsolicited email delivery. Your reputation comes first and the easiest way to ruin it is by using spam.
—– Error 8 —–

ERROR: Forgetting that marketing is the key to success.
Even when you have the best product on the face of the earth, you will never sell it if you don't make it known. Without advertising you will not have potential clients and without potential clients there will be no sales. It sounds like common sense however it is a common mistake to forget that in the
Marketing is the key to success.
Let me explain: to be successful in a business you only need two things and only one of them must be used regularly (product, marketing plan). If your business is not as productive as you would like it to be, just go back to basics. First, you must ensure that you develop a profitable business model. Until you prove that you have a viable product or service and that you have a model that generates utility, everything else is premature. Don't waste time promoting 'blind'. Once you have determined that your business model works, spend all your time promoting it. If each sale brings you a US $ 10 profit, you simply need to find XXX clients to get XXX dollars. Marketing is the blood of your business.
—– Error 9 —–
ERROR: Believing you will become a millionaire without working hard.
This is perhaps the first reason for failure in both the real world and the online world. Making money is easy, but to do it you need to work for it. A successful business is not built overnight. If someone tells you that they can teach you how to generate exorbitant amounts of money without hard work, run as fast as you can and be sure to bring your checkbook.
Chances are you are trying to rip him off. This get-rich-quick mentality is quite popular online. Truthfully, there's no way an average person can do it. Do not be caught in this lie, the only thing that will succeed is to postpone the arrival of true success. Save yourself time, money, and penalties by accepting the fact that things don't come free. I'm not sure why this 'get rich quick' model has so many fans on the Internet. What I do know is that there are no secrets to making money online. With perseverance and hard work, anyone can do it.
—– Error 10 —–
ERROR: Not understanding the true power of the Internet
The Internet is a communication tool, it was created for this purpose and you can get the most out of it if you use it as such. Never before has it been so simple and so economical for a company to have its potential market within reach. Therefore, know how to take advantage of the potential offered by this communication tool.
Learn about the power of the Internet to reach millions of consumers around the world. Then use this same medium to provide customer service that was previously impossible to deliver. Use the Internet to collect information, analyze your competition, communicate and
share resources with others.
The Internet is a gold mine of information and resources floating in cyberspace, but you will have to know how and where to look for them. Learn how to use search engines and directories to easily find what you need and your productivity will skyrocket. This advice alone is priceless, it is invaluable.
Use the Network to communicate more effectively. Don't forget that business is about people and that the Internet is nothing more than an excellent tool for interacting with others. Don't hide behind the Internet, get involved and witness first-hand how the world is being transformed.
-- To end --
These are the 10 mistakes that we consider to be the most commonly committed. Many of them were committed by ourselves, many of us were able to avoid them because we knew how to take advantage of the experience of others.
There are undoubtedly many more internet marketing mistakes, but the ones we've mentioned will provide you with a good starting point to focus on working. Focus on preventing these 10 mistakes and their projects on the Internet they will be more successful. Remember: 80% of problems are due to 20% of causes.
This article is an adaptation and translation by Alvaro Mendoza Venegas of an article originally published in 'Internet Marketing Chronicles' http://www.marketingchallenge.com/ezine.shtml

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