What cutlery do we put on the table?

Like it usually happens in the big ones Banquet, in certain family or social events, we strive more and we usually get our best cutlery, making a wide display of cutlery to compose a full-fledged and quite formal table. This can mislead us; but do not panic, because it is very easy to use the cutlery.
The basic rule to apply in this (and in any other case) is the use of cutlery from the outside to the inside. That is, the cutlery farthest from the plate are the ones that are first used (ignoring the case that the plate accompanies its own cutlery; for example, a piece of seafood, which is accompanied by its pincer, a plate of snails that is accompanied by his "hook", etc.).
But in addition to taking into account the basic rule given above, there are two other, totally correct, ways of learning to use cutlery: the first is to observe how the rest of the diners do it; And as a second option is to ask, something that we are not used to because we think that we are going to be like "fools". Serious error; he who asks learns. Better to ask than to make a fool of yourself or to be smart. 
The cutlery must be clean and in good condition. (We make this comment, because on these dates we usually take out those cutlery that are not used throughout the year and may be dirty or, as in the case of silver, they may have those ugly black spots; you have to be careful).
The knife and spoon are placed to the right of the plate and the fork to the left. Always with the handle down and the edge of the knife facing the plate. In the case of having more cutlery (fish, for example), the arrangement follows the same rules as above taking into account the order of serving the dishes. That is, if there is a fish before the meat, these cutlery should be more outward than the meat cutlery. And the same happens to us if we have more than one spoon.cutlery
If there are "strange" cutlery, these are usually located to the right of the diner (As we have previously mentioned, some claws for seafood, a "hook" for snails, etc.). 
In the case of having the dessert cutlery in the initial composition of the table, they are placed on the table in front of the plate, between the plates and the glasses, in a perpendicular direction. He puts in a teaspoon, a fork and a dessert knife. The spoon and knife with the handle to the right and the fork with the handle to the left.
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