Restaurants also want to join the pokemon fever

With the world divided among fans of Pokémon Go And those who detest this game and all the fever unleashed around them - the third option is that someone lives in a parallel galaxy and the subject does not sound at all - all sectors want to sign up for what is undoubtedly fashion of the summer. Including restaurants, Clear.

Although from the outset it may seem difficult to unite the hunting of these virtual bugs and their battles with gastronomy, it is all a matter of giving a little imagination to the matter. Without going further, the image of a girl who has set up her own store on the street taking advantage of the fact that a name was nearby PokéStop -Yes, the game has its own language and it sounds quite absurd- it has been the sensation during the last hours on the networks.

Pokéstop Shop, This is how this little entrepreneur has baptized her position with french fries and lemonade, in the purest American style. It remains to be seen the success of sales, but for now it has appeared in all the media on the planet.

In the United States, where the game was released a few weeks ago and the level of hysteria is higher than in Europe, many bars and restaurants They have chosen to buy Pokémon to turn them into a lure that attracts customers to their premises. As collected The Guardian, a pizzeria that used this simple trick saw its clientele increase by 75% over the weekend.

Blackboards that announce the presence of these little animals Instead of menu of the day, or promises of discounts to those who hunt something and share it on social networks are becoming commonplace on the other side of the Atlantic.

As this same medium explains, many locals have dedicated themselves to repeating on social networks that near the restaurant concerned, or within, there is Pokémon, so that the hunters go there. Even the owners of a restaurant They commented surprised that among the criticisms they had received in the last days, a client protested that there was no Pokémon.
Convincing the players - sorry, Pokémon trainers - who arrive attracted by the hunt that they also have something to eat or eat will be another matter, but from the outset it seems like a better idea than risk your life near a cliff or get into a lake where you find the same cousin of Pikachu than a corpse. It's not a way of speaking, that's exactly what happened to some players in San Diego a few days ago. Indeed, the list of anecdotes and accidents related to Pokémons is endless and promises to continue growing.
But without a doubt it is in Japan where this gastronomy world dominates the best. Geek. Yaen 2014 a restaurant pop up dedicated to Pikachu It was quite a sensation, so there is no doubt that when the game opens there the madness will break loose. Without going further, the news about the agreement between Nintendo y McDonald's to convert 3.000 stores of the multinational into Pokémon gyms has made the shares of the chain of restaurants soar in the bag.
It remains to be seen how the "Spanish" hospitality sector reacts, where the Pokémon phenomenon is also hitting hard. Who will be the first to launch a thematic menu, to sell sandwiches from Pikachus or in a pintxo dedicated? Will we get to see a chapter of Nightmare on Kitchen dedicated to some restaurant that succumbed to fashion and became a hub for these bug hunter?
We will be attentive, because everything suggests that this summer we will have to eat a few Pokémon.
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