Custom Oreo Cookie Dispenser Machine

The new marketing campaign for Oreo cookies is carried out from the SXSW festival but reaches everyone thanks to the use of social networks. Twitter is the ally that teaches all users its personalized Oreo cookie dispensing machine, what's more, the flavors of the cookie that is made instantly, depends on the trend generated on Twitter.

South by southwest (SXSW) is celebrated these days in Austin (Texas), it is a festival that combines music, cinema and interactive media. The Internet is the main interactive medium, or at least it is currently considered, and as it is easy to suppose, social networks play a very important role. On social networks, more and more initiatives are being supported by companies that want to reach consumers. It is a fast, free and, if done well, effective means.
There are companies that have it easier because they already have the public gained in the real world, but also, with their initiatives in the virtual world they continue to attract attention and strengthen their popularity. Today we talk about the maker of the famous Oreo cookies, who is succeeding at the festival with his custom oreo cookie dispenser machine.
Twitter is the ally of Oreo's new marketing campaign, and #eatthetweet (eat the tweet) is the hashtag or label for the promotion of the Mondelez international food cookie. Seeking how to attract attention in an event in which many influencers gather and in which many demos of products and high technology are presented, in collaboration with the design, technology and innovation company Maya Design have created the vending machine de custom cookies and made instantly.
This machine has been placed in a stand, it seems to be called Trending Vending Lounge, in which there is a bar where they offer milk to drink (we imagine that the classic cookies also) and among other things, you can enjoy music from a DJ and free Wi-Fi with a device charging area, much needed In this type of event, they not only attract consumers of their cookies, but also any user of smartphones, tablets or other devices.
But focusing on the product and 'gastronomic marketing', Mondelez attracts the public with the possibility of enjoying a personalized cookie based on trends in real time, produced by the vending machine Oreo Trending Vending. This machine uses 3D printing technology, you can see how it works below.
Apparently, the screen of the Oreo cookie machine shows the flavors that according to social conversations on Twitter, are trending. Twelve flavor and color options are available for the filling, which is the customizable thing about the cookie. Once the Oreo Trending is selected, the machine takes two minutes to assemble and dispense it, ready for tasting with a glass of milk, to lick the filling or eat it in bites.
At least right now #eatthetweet is not trending topic, but it is the #SXSW room where, until tomorrow, the Oreo cookies us flavors chosen by the tweeters. What flavor would you choose the addictive Oreo cookies?
Photo | #eatthetweet
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