Measurement of the satisfaction of external clients in nightclubs: Cabaret Bajo las Estrellas and Salón Bolero.

La Tesis presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by Yoelkis Salazar Rivery. To download it completely you can do it through the following link:

 The increasing demands of the market together with fierce competition are characteristics of all sectors of the economy and especially tourism. This reality has placed the search for quality, in the center of attention for researchers and business managers, giving it a customer focus, given the importance of their retention in business profitability.
In correspondence with this approach, the present diploma work was developed, in which the satisfaction of external clients in the nightclubs was measured: Cabaret Bajo las Estrellas and Salón Bolero.
In order to carry out this research, the author relied on: surveys of external clients, bibliographic searches, consultation of documents from the facilities and interviews with specialists from the entities. In order to fulfill the stated objectives, various techniques were used such as: brainstorming, Pareto and Cause-Effect Diagrams and the Causes Weighting Matrix.
The application of these tools It made it possible to measure the satisfaction of external customers who visit these facilities, which was a starting point for the search for the causes of dissatisfaction and to propose actions to improve satisfaction levels.
It was shown that the nightclubs studied are in an advantageous position regarding the core of the product, which is the artistic part, but it was also shown that there are problems in basic services, which although they do not constitute the main part of the product, contribute to success. of this one.  


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