An app that tricks your brain

Under the premise that flavor enters through smell, the Japanese company Scentee has designed an app for smartphones that aims to trick the brain into eating a tasteless dish, usually a characteristic of nutritious food.


To achieve this, the Japanese devised an accessory that is placed on the phone and allows the device to expel smells of succulent grilled meat. Obviously, the product is aimed at unredeemed carnivores that despise healthy eating.
The name of this accessory is Hana Yakiniku, a kit that includes a kind of vaporizer and a Whatsapp. This application will be available shortly in the site from the Japanese company, and works with a simple interface that shows various food options that, when pressed, cause the vaporizer (which is sold separately) to emit the smell of the chosen dish.
Taking into account that the sense of smell is really strong, we can think that the application is not a complete scam, although we doubt that the effect on our stomach and sense of taste is completely satisfactory.


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