How to improve the average ticket of a restaurant

All of us dedicated to the sector we know how much it costs to bring customers to the establishment, which is considered the end of the sales pyramid, and we should not and cannot miss the opportunity. This is the "moment of truth" and therefore, our team must be prepared to attack and optimize the sale as much as possible.

Each one of us we are the best sellers in our businessBut this is not always enough. We must turn all members of our team into expert sellers of our offer so that they are able to sell and suggest the products we have decided, in the way and at the time we have decided. Therefore,  we always encourage our readers so that, as owners or managers of premises, they motivate their team, their sales force, to get the maximum benefit possible from each diner.

The problem? The usual one, that you need a plan. A complex plan that requires fixing processes, They must have continuity over time to guarantee success. We have to determine which items to suggest and set SMART objectives on them, we must identify the moments of sale and define the processes of upselling y crosselling, and implement and control these last. To finish, we must take corrective action if the data analysis does not give the expected results. What has been the quality cycle of all life.


Get everything this is impossible if we do not properly train our team. And I'm not talking about technical service or room skills, but about new necessary skills for the new role of salesperson that every professional in a restaurant, either living room or kitchen ... Therefore, I want to stop at three areas that I consider essential and that do not always work in restaurants:

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1. Customer service. Although it's a truism, looks and personal hygiene are essential. All room personnel should be neat and shaved, avoiding tics as much as possible, for example, touching their ears or nose. They must also have an attitude and a vocation to the service Total, knowing at all times how to greet the client (unforced smile, dry hand, firm look and eyes), controlling their movements and, above all, always keeping an eye on the room. Properly managing complaints and dealing with clients with special needs (intolerances, young children, etc.) are also increasingly important issues.

2. Product knowledge. Anyone who is part of our team must know the letter of the restaurant: what a dish or dessert is made of, how a sauce or accompaniment is made ... we must emphasize that the staff knows the letter by heart. We cannot afford not to know. For this they must have tried the products on the menu to be able to sell it properly. And if in addition to this, we add extra knowledge such as that of the world of wines or cheeses, we will be showing excellent competition in service.


3. Sales techniques. At all times we must apply the suggested selling techniquesupselling when offering the service. For example, we can have a script prepared for all the staff to work in the same way: how we should treat the client (closeness, vocalization, body expression, etc.), how to properly manage objections (prior preparation, ready-made phrases, chascarrillos, etc.), how to act on closings (using a system of predetermined combinations to close the sale), etc. A good way to practice these techniques is through role-playing: a dynamic in which part of the staff works as a client and others as waiters and in which roles are then exchanged; In addition, it can be recorded on video to identify possible errors, tics, etc.

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And we should not forget motivational factors. Motivation, not only financial, is essential for ensure that our work team manages to maximize the profitability of the business. Objectives must be set taking into account our personnel, both private and common, to make them part of the success of the establishment.

Furthermore, if we combine these objectives with a incentive system (percentage of sales), compensation (days off) and acknowledgments (worker of the month), we will be addressing the good way.

Author: Óscar Carrión
Oscar is the director of Gastrouni, a business school that develops postgraduate university programs for managers or owners of restaurants. I'm a lucky guy that life has given me so much more than I expected. I love gastronomy, motorcycles, music ...

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