8 essential tips for restaurant menu design

Restaurant menu: 8 essential tips for your design

International shipments may take up to excellent menu designs restaurants can enhance the dining experience, help customers make satisfactory decisions and stimulate appetite. However, a menu is more than just a list of the dishes that a restaurant; It is an advertising tool capable of communicating the identity of a restaurant and generate profit, if it is well designed.

Here, we discuss various visual strategies in menu design that can help increase the margins of greed for your customers restaurant. Be forewarned: you can leave hungry.

Be aware of eye scanning patterns

restaurant menu design eye scan patterns

For years, restaurants They have been designing their menus under the assumption that customers' eyes are naturally drawn to the "sweet spot" in the upper right corner, and placing their most profitable items there. However, a new research suggests that customers tend to read menus like a book, starting in the upper left corner.

Divide the menu into logical sections.

restaurant menu design is divided into sections

Make it easier for customers to find dishes by organizing items sequentially and in logical groups, starting with appetizers.

Use photos sparingly

restaurant menu design food photography

Food photos are most commonly associated with junk mail flyers and large chains of restaurants as Denny's ; No restaurants high-end. If you use photos, they must be of extremely high professional quality, which can be expensive. In general, it is best to leave the quality of food to the imagination of the customer, because not all food photographs will appeal to everyone.

Consider using illustrations

Restaurant menu design illustration

Instead of photography, try to use illustrations: they are more likely to be universally attractive and can help communicate the personality of the restaurant.

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Don't emphasize currency signs

restaurant menu design avoid currency signs

Don't make customers too aware of how much they spend. The studies They have shown that customers are more likely to spend more when currency signs are omitted.

Consider using boxes

Restaurant menu design use boxes

The boxes draw attention to a group of menu items, and the restaurant They are often used to promote dishes with the highest profit margins, such as pasta and other carbohydrate-based items.


restaurant menu design typography

Effective typography will communicate a restaurant's brand and result in a legible menu. The selection of the typeface can depend on a number of practical factors, such as the amount of text required to fit comfortably on the page. Using more than one typeface, for example to distinguish the names and descriptions of menu items, can help guide customers through the menu.

Choose the appropriate colors

choosing the color of the restaurant menu design

Select colors based on your target audience and the theme of the restaurant. Different colors have different psychological effects on a viewer, so their color scheme will help create the atmosphere of a restaurant and draw attention to certain foods. Maudie's Tex Mex restaurant menu design is a new take on the warm color scheme generally associated with kitchen Mexican

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