Located in full London stands Inamo, a restaurant which stands out for the technological vanguard of Gadgets it offers its visitors. Specializing in Asian food, the Menus Inamo are integrated into the tables, since they have an interactive device that displays the options that the diner has to satisfy their senses right there, including not only the dishes that the place offers but also some entertainment options in attractive colors and themes.

In addition, the order is taken or, rather, sent by Bluetooth: a projector on each table displays the menu while a computer communicates customers with a head office that delivers their final choices directly to the kitchen. He restaurant has had this device since 2009, before technology touch screen It will cause a sensation in the world.
By the way, in Mexico City there is also an interactive table recently installed by the Appio firm in the Kowloon café, located in the traditional area of ​​Coyoacán, which due to its better technology allows much more attractive and surprising interactions between the user and the screen. .
In the video that I show you and that is hosted on youtube.com you can enjoy how this technology works. Nothing ... that the future we saw in the movies is here.
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