Music: friend or foe of the restaurant? - 2021

Music in the restaurant: friend or foe?

Do you know that the type of music that is heard in a restaurant can influence the amount of money that the customer decides spend?. Recent research has reported that a also information spend an average of $ 2 additional per Average ticket. This means that for those who are serving around 100 tables a day, that's $ 200 a day, $ 6000 a month, and $ 72,000 a year!

Sounds good right? So let's dive a little deeper into the psychology of music at restaurants and the steps you can take to discover the model or models that suit your business concept.

Music or silence?

Research shows that music tends to have a large effect on whether an individual chooses to attend or stay away from an event. restaurant. Until the first appetizer hits the desk, "everything is visible and auditory", He says  Invoice Chait, restaurateur in charge of Los Angeles's Brief Order, Picca, Sotto, Rivera and Playa, among others. So the first few minutes in the restaurant, what the customer sees and what he hears will have a high impact on their strategic.

Genres: Modern or Classic?

So you wonder which style best suits your restaurant? According to an article published by Restaurant Tools Weblog, " Depending on the demographic target of your restaurant, the music played should complement the environment".

Depending on your restaurant's target demographic, the music played should complement the atmosphere. ” Figuring out the best playlist / station should depend on your atmospheric goal and who is entering your doors regularly.

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An example is Byblos Bar & Hookah Lounge. where they usually play Middle Eastern techno loud enough that it never stops. They've nailed it because they appeal to a younger college crowd that enjoys camaraderie and doesn't want to spend too much. Fast-paced music leads to faster food and faster response times so they can receive more and more guests in and out of the door. Byblos is creating a completely cultural experience for its target audience; You feel like you are partying in Lebanon the moment you walk in.

Tempos: Fast or slow?

Music evokes emotions in the listener and, in the case of the restaurateur, in his guests. If you have a sports bar, “slow” music may not be suitable as you want the energy to stay high. But if your restaurant environment is conducive to slower improvisations (fancy dinners, cigar rooms, etc.), studies show that people who dine to slow music will spend roughly the same on food, but up to 40% more. in alcohol compared to fast-paced music.

Slower tempo music makes guests feel relaxed and in no rush to leave; Finishing your meal and sitting down for a few more drinks feels natural. According to a Thrillist article, "When you mix that with alcohol, it becomes a powerful tool for creating memories and potentially getting people back to your bar or restaurant."

Remember, when a guest walks into a restaurant, the music sets the tone for the dining experience. Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. They are solid platforms from which you can create genre-based playlists that suit your atmosphere and the tastes of your typical guests.

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If you are having trouble choosing the best music for your restaurant, there are companies like Prescriptive Music or Muzak by Mood Media that can guide you in the right direction and create fully customized playlists for your business. The restorer's ultimate goal is to find music that "awakens the senses, stimulates sales."

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