On the Kickstarter platform, a portable refrigerator that is advertised as the XNUMXst century refrigerator, and is not a big deal, is about to become one of the five projects With more funding from the platform, with 43 days to complete the campaign, it has already raised more than $ 5 million.

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A few days ago we echoed the campaign to finance a potato salad On the popular financing platform Kickstarter, we were surprised that a project to develop a simple recipe raised so much money. In the absence of 23 days of campaign they had managed to raise no less than $ 59.000. Well, the result of this project falls very short compared to others that seem to have few opportunities for financing, if the potato salad surprised you, the more the portable fridge that the user has presented in his project Ryan Grepper.

La XNUMXst century portable fridge He was requesting a financing of $ 50.000 and has managed to raise, with 43 days to go until the end of the campaign, more than 5 million dollars (just over 6 million euros), a figure with which he is about to become one of the five projects with the largest contribution or financing on the Kickstarter platform. Surely, after knowing the characteristics of this portable refrigerator, more than one reader will not understand how this project has achieved such popularity and collaboration, let alone rise to the level of projects they really are interesting. The conclusion that can be drawn from this result is that the world urgently needed this "innovative portable fridge".

As we said, the creator of the project defines it as the XNUMXst century fridge for the following reasons, it does not look like any of the portable refrigerators that are brought to the beach to keep Cold drinks, has a larger capacity, integrates an 18v rechargeable battery, a removable and waterproof Bluetooh speaker, a USB charger, LED lights, a transport cart with rugged off-road wheels, a cutting board, a divider to divide the interior of the fridge to carry food and drinks, a compartment to store the cutting board, some dishes, knives and of course, a bottle opener. As you can see, it does not integrate any high-tech element and gives the impression of being a special invention for Sunday guests.

With this fridge you can use an ice crusher to prepare cocktails and soft drinks, a blender, connect the speaker to your smartphone or other digital device to play your favorite music, a system to put chairs, towels or blankets, equipment on the fridge fishing, grills or any accessory necessary for camping, in short, nothing out of the world.

Ryan Grepper explains the history of his project, ensures that he always seeks to maximize his leisure time with family and friends, for this he has invented all kinds of objects. That is, it is an inventor of walking around the house who claims to know that it is very fun and practical to have a portable fridge on hand, in fact, this is the third one he has created, the design has evolved quite a bit compared to the first project created Many years ago.

On these lines you can see the video presentation of the 5st century fridge that is going to be financed with at least more than 6'XNUMX million dollars, it shows us its functionalities and how these have developed from the usual problems in a camping . According to the Kickstarter page, the cost of The Coolet Cooler It will be $ 299 (about 221 euros), if requested through the campaign the cost is somewhat cheaper, $ 185.

After these results, it can be said that the world urgently needed a cooler With the described characteristics, surely Ryan Grepper did not expect the surprising result, but it must be taken into account that there are still 43 days to go before the campaign ends, we will see how much is raised for finance the Coolet.

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