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"Any restaurant As small as it may be, you need to be able to effectively manage your resources and for this, the use of new technologies is necessary today. ”
 Ana Puertas, Commercial Director of ICG Software it is clear, and that is that new technologies should not be considered futuristic in a business but should be attended as a necessity of the present in any type of commercial sale.
El use of technology is for the restaurant and hospitality sector a opportunity to gain presence and grow but above all to manage in a more effective way you restaurant. ICG is a pioneer in this field by developing the first visual touch software, which has allowed them to access other markets. Your intention? ... bring the world of technology to restaurants. Today they are present in More than 50 countries from around the world and their products are translated in more than 10 languages.
Its mission is based on developing technological solutions for greater efficiency in management of the premises through "A tactile software that allows to carry out the typical transfers of a point of sale and the sale through tickets". With this software, the restorer can "Optimize the management of his premises by means of the replacement of tables much more easily, the control of the stock or the control of the activities that the employees do ” among others.
What ICG provides is a very useful tool to manage the restaurant: "They are given information on which are the best-selling dishes and at the same time they are allowed to manage their establishment more effectively" with this software.
In the digital age it is absurd and counterproductive for any type of business turn away from technology due to the great dependence that exists today on them. In fact, according to Ana Puertas that subordination of the technological world get "That we obtain much faster and more efficient information, and that we can access it at any time" As for a sector such as gastronomy where the customer is the key piece of the gear, it is necessary to provide him with what he a priori already takes for granted.
New technologies in the form of software adaptable to the needs of the premises and the economic context in which we find ourselves. “Our comprehensive solutions are scalable, they work for both restaurant concrete as for a chain of restaurants. We also have two divisions: one that is for the management of integral solutions with high capacity and that provide a lot of functionality to the user, and another aimed at customers with fewer requirements who need low-cost solutions. ”
There are no more excuses to put yourself at the service of the new digital softwares since they achieve greater efficiency in restaurant at the same time as a modernization of the services used so far. For its part, at ICG thanks to a department dedicated to research, development and innovation ... 5-year solutions are offered to always be able to sell to the entrepreneur the latest technologies on the market that satisfy both parties.
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