Restaurant Control Toolkit (2021)

Restaurant Control Toolkit

For some years I have been evaluating the systems that are promoted through the internet, promising results instantly and a lot of money. Certainly many become just that: blah blah blah, but others, which I will talk about in future articles, if they work like this Restaurant control toolkit that I detail below and that I recommend. Of course, do not think that everything is magic, this is a package that with your effort, knowledge and correct interpretation of the information it generates, you can take the best strategic and thus achieve what you have proposed.

Tool Package

Take control of your restaurant and turn it into a profitable business! 100% editable files to adapt them to your needs. Implement simple but effective standards of routine, daily procedures to manage and operate your business more effectively. He Pack of formats and controls they are a complete series of files in Excel, Word and PDF that include:

Cost calculation per dish: It is used to calculate the exact cost of each dish on your menu. Know exactly how much it costs to produce each dish on your menu and be able to define the retail price in your restaurant or food business. Calculate the cost of your dishes before changing your menu at least every 6 months.

Cost per Bottle: Keep an exact control of the cost in your bar, how much the preparation of each drink and how much a bottle gives you; are important indicators for maintaining control of the service at the bar and maintaining costs ideal in your restaurant.

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Inventory control: Keep track of your inventories de foods and drinks, in very easy-to-use Excel sheets, control the inventory of groceries, dairy, vegetables, alcoholic beverages in a single file.

Inventory - Equipment: It is necessary that in your food business you have a control and know with the utensils that you count, in this format register all your equipment of kitchen, plates, cutlery, pans, etc ... and furniture; Take periodic inventories to find out your missing items.

Maximus and minimous: How much do i have to buy today? By keeping a correct record of your inventory and purchases with this format, you will be able to estimate the stock necessary to operate your business according to your sales.

Budgets: It helps you project your expenses and operating sales for the whole year. The objective of the budget is to determine the amount of monthly sales that you expect to obtain during the projected year is based on sales and average consumption, in the same way we can project the amount to be paid for the expenses that are generated in the operating area. Indispensable tool for administration a restaurant or to open a food business.

Sales Forecast: Keep track of your daily food and beverage sales. It serves as a basis to monitor the daily consumption of each dish on the menu restaurants no matter the size of your business. Both Food and Beverages.

Performance Test: It helps you to really know how much an item costs you and how much you really take advantage of it.

Checklist: Close of Kitchen and opening of dining room, job profiles, manager, cook, assistant cook, waiter, etc…. Improve the service in your restaurant and determine the functions of each one.

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Control Formats: Average flow and consumption of customers, employee hours, customer satisfaction survey, tools that you must take into account for the operation of a restaurant and very practical to operate any food business. And many more formats ...


Excel Formats are not programs that have to be installed, they are very practical. The main file is the cost of dishes, you have to pay for each dish, entering the ingredients and the cost of purchasing the items ... and that will help you determine exactly how much it costs to "produce" each dish and determine the price that you're going to give it to the public. You have to do that at least once a year or when you change the menus. 100% editable files ready to adapt to the operation of your business.

All formats bring an explanation of how they are used and downloaded to your computer in Excel, Word or PDF formats compatible with Pc and Mac.

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I am a dreamer and in my dreams I believe that a better world is possible, that no one knows more than anyone, we all learn from everyone. I love gastronomy, numbers, teaching and sharing all the little I know, because by sharing I also learn. "Let's all go together from foundation to success"