is a smart solution for bar businesses and restaurants, based on a combination of tools integrated that allow a management comprehensive location in real time, in addition to incorporating digital charts as a means of customer service. The possibility of reducing staff travel and improving communication, achieves better table rotation and increases sales volume.


This mobile application helps hoteliers manage their restaurant, in addition to including digital charts available on the phone of your customers.
The objective is to improve the service experience by bringing customers to a central level, streamlining the global service process, without neglecting the administrative and statistical issues that will help them make correct decisions. strategic optimization of your gastronomic venue.
See what's new on the digital menu, know more about the ingredients of a dish or what wine goes well with it, ask for the bill or electronic payment are some of the functions that customers can perform in the restaurants that have All this through the smart phones o Tablets of consumers.
As he confesses Gonzalo Marcos, director of Spain, his innovation is the possibility that there is a communication between the two parties. "That is what differentiates us from the old systems of digital comanderas or PDA. We aspire for the hotelier to take the reins and also be able to communicate with their customers."
The idea arose two years ago in Argentina, from the hand of Juan Sánchez. Gonzalo Marcos entered the project when they decided franchise it, and is responsible for its current testing phase in Spain. Telecommunications engineer, he decided to leave his job at an audiovisual wholesaler to focus on entrepreneurship.
“For some hoteliers, what is most difficult for them is to trust new technologies. It is a sector very immobile“Explains Marcos. Its business model is based on charging a monthly payment to restaurants in exchange for a complete service with advice and support. They also prepare an academy for hoteliers to introduce them to new technologies and the uses they can give them.
They have been active for three months and have been implemented in two restaurants. Its initial objective was to enter the mercado and from there to concentrate on the sales objectives, which Marcos explains, “are very ambitious and the team has already started to grow.
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