The ASWOT analysis o Insights SWOT (in English SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is a methodology for studying the competitive situation of a company or entity within its market and its internal characteristics, in order to determine its Dabilities, Atongs, Fortalezas and Oportunities. Weaknesses and strengths are internal to the company or sector; Threats and opportunities arise in their environment.

The ultimate goal of Insights SWOT is being able to determine the competitive advantages that have the company or entity under Insights and the generic strategy to be used by it that suits you best based on its own characteristics.

 What do you need to look for to measure the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company or entity?
Potential internal strengths:

·      Core capabilities in key areas.

·      Adequate financial resources.
·      Good image of the buyers.
·      A recognized leader in the market.
·      Well thought out functional area strategies.
·      Access to economies of scale.
·      Isolated (or at least to some degree) from strong competitive pressures.
·      Technology property.
·      Advantages  en costs.
·      Better advertising campaigns.
·      Product innovation skills.
·      Capable steering.
·      Advantageous position on the experience curve.
·      Better manufacturing capacity.
·      Superior technological skills.
·      Others?

Potential external opportunities:

·      Serving additional groups of clients.
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·      Enter new markets or segments.
·      Expand the product line to meet a wider range of customer needs.
·      Diversify into related products.
·      Vertical integration (forward or backward).
·      Elimination of trade barriers in attractive foreign markets.
·      Complacency between rival companies.
·      Faster market growth
·      Others?

Potential internal weaknesses:

·      There is no clear strategic direction.

·      Obsolete installations.
·      Profitability below average because ...
·      Lack of depth and managerial talent.
·      Lack of some key skills or abilities.
·      Poor monitoring when implementing the strategy.
·      Abundance of internal operational problems.
·      Delay in research and development
·      Too limited product line.
·      Weak image in the market.
·      Weak distribution network.
·      Below average marketing skills.
·      Inability to finance necessary changes in strategy.
·      Tickets Higher overall unit rates relative to key competitors.
·      Others?

Potential external threats:

·      Entry of foreign competitors with costs minors.

·      Increase in sales of substitute products.
·      Slowest growth in the market.
·      Adverse changes in exchange rates and trade policies of foreign governments.
·      Expensive regulatory requirements.
·      Vulnerability to recession and business cycle.
·      Increasing bargaining power of clients or suppliers.
·      Change in the needs and tastes of buyers.
·      Adverse demographic changes.
·      Others?

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