The chefs and restaurants Ambitious people need to win culinary awards from the most prestigious international organizations to stand out as the best establishments. Since 1900, the Michelin guide has ruled the world when it comes to food inspection and restaurants. Being honored with Michelin stars has become the benchmark by which to measure the excellence of a restaurant. Other respected and popular international awards include the Zagat Guide Awards, the James Beard Foundation Award and the San Pellegrino Top 50 Awards. Restaurants of the world.

Michelin stars

Michelin stars are the highest distinction of international awards. If he restaurant where you are eating it has three Michelin stars, without a doubt you will really enjoy your food. The three stars are only given to the best restaurants, officially classified in the Michelin guide as “kitchen exceptional, worth a special visit ”. Two stars and you restaurant has a rating of "excellent kitchen, it's worth a detour ”. A star simply means "very good kitchen in its category ”.

Bib gourmond

The Bib Gourmond Prize is awarded to recognize 95% of restaurants They don't have Michelin stars. It is an honorable compliment given by Michelin inspectors to their favorite restaurants around the world that provide dining experiences. foods de quality higher than moderate prices. Please consult The Bib Gourmond restaurant list in the Michelin guide is a reliable guarantee that you will find a restaurant high quality in which you will not have to spend more than US $ 60 per head.

Zagat Awards

The Zagat Guide is an international guide to the best restaurants in the United States and the world. It also recognizes "average" restaurants, and everyone in between, and commemorates them with a list of awards. It is compiled every year and includes categories such as the best food, the best newcomer, the best buys, the most popular, winners by kitchen, better decoration and better service. The last awards ceremony took place in London, "one of the best places to eat in the world," according to Tim Zagat.

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The James Beard Foundation Awards

Time magazine describes the James Beard Foundation awards as "the Oscars of the food world." Like the Oscars, these awards showcase the winners of the most important categories - for extraordinary achievements in perfecting a dish, extraordinary restaurateur, extraordinary chef, restaurant extraordinary and more. What is special about these awards is that they also include awards for other industry professionals, the media, food authors and critics. These awards are a mark of excellence in any establishment.

The AA Hospitality Awards

The AA Hospitality Awards are attended by some of the best professionals in the food and beverage industry around the world. These awards are numerous in category, spanning business diversity from excellence in the kitchen to excellence in the boardroom. An award is awarded depending on significant improvements in the business during the previous 12 or 18 months. AA also operates a rosette award system for chefs, where winning two is a sign of excellence.

The San Pellegrino Awards for the Best 50 Restaurants in the World

Each year, a group of influential restaurant industry leaders, in the kitchen, newspapers, and the boardroom, discuss which restaurants will be ranked in the world's top 50. Around 800 of the best professionals in the field divide the world into 26 regions and assign 31 members to each, forming councils through which they vote for their favorite establishments. Currently the best restaurant in this area is Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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