Know what the customer wants 

In a world where competition is getting tougher, knowing what our customers want, what they need and what they like is more necessary than ever
The company Emtrics presents this innovator work de polls in the specific cloud for the restaurant and hospitality sector: Keweno ( that allows any business to collect the opinion of its customers in an easy, anonymous way and in just 30 seconds. 
With Keweno, it is the establishment itself that can create a survey by selecting the questions it wants to ask. Afterwards, the business can download a predesigned brochure, with a QR code –also known as the BIDI code- and a specific internet address –URL-, from where its customers can access the survey and give their assessment using a simple emoticon code . Thus, the restaurant You can receive real-time notifications of the responses and comments collected for evaluation and Insights
Also, if users allow it, the restaurant You can directly contact your customers to respond to comments, therefore being a good way to further retain your customers! Keweno is available in two plans Prices: Keweno Basic, which is free and for those establishments that only wish to collect their customers' opinions, and Keweno Pro, designed for restaurant and hospitality groups seeking greater capacity for Insights and communication with your clients.
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