The moment of arrival at the salon by the client, will be the appropriate to give a good reception to this, since it depends largely on this, their opinion regarding the service. It is the opportune moment to apply the rules of courtesy, greeting according to the time of day, the appropriate phrases to welcome you. The data required to go to the room will be requested:

  1. When the entrance is free.
  2. When only for guests
  3. When for reservations

In the first case, you will be greeted and provided with a table, always trying to accommodate your request, a specific table, the most reserved place in the room, near the piano, overlooking the city or the sea, etc.

When we have the second case, we must take extreme measures so that the client is not upset, we will give a courteous and clear explanation to avoid misunderstandings.
And in the third case, the characteristics of the establishment will be explained and if we could help you for a next visit, do it, this will be appreciated by the client and will not be bothered by having missed the trip.
In the event that a client arrives and there are no capacities at those times, we will take advantage of the bar to pass it while waiting for your table. We can take this opportunity to give you the menu so that you can select your menu, so when it comes to the living room everything will be ready.
When calling the client, it must be done by name, in case of  Having a title or degree will be done for this, the client likes to feel important and appreciates this gesture.
We must go before the game, if there are tables or figures in which he or they are interested, it must be done  a slight explanation, as well as the establishment if requested.
When the Maître or Head of Hall arrives at the table, the other members of the brigade will help to seat the people, giving priority to children, the elderly, ladies and lastly to the gentlemen.
In the case of a gentleman who wishes to accommodate his lady, he must let her do so since he wishes to use this courtesy with his companion. With everyone seated at the table, the captain will deliver the letters, giving one to each client, starting with the ladies.
There are establishments in which the letter for the ladies will not have PricesIt is something beautiful and subtle, you will not feel ashamed when requesting any food, because the price is not in view of it.
It is here when the Maître, Head of Room or Captain, will take the opportunity to offer an aperitif or refreshing drink from the bar, starting with the ladies, then for the gentlemen. In the same way, it is also the time when you can take advantage of it to make a suggestion about a specific delicacy, of interest to the house or the Chef. The customer will not be left abandoned at any time, they will be attended to with any claim and will also be asked about food  served.
At the time of dismissal you should not fail to observe any detail, if you had flowers on the way out give the ladies with them, if you have candy you can give it to children or gentlemen, try to be courteous as at the beginning, every good professional will it is.
When the client leaves, the table and chairs should be checked quickly to see if they have forgotten any object and return it to them immediately.
Both when receiving, driving, accommodating and firing a customer, you should do so thinking about the return of that customer to the restaurant.
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