Rules for the numbering of tables and staff in the restaurant

Table numbering:
It facilitates the immediate location of reservations and the adequate distribution of stations among service personnel, as well as the control and checking is    established by this numbering.
Rules to follow for numbering.

  1. In the restaurants number from left to right or in the logical order that best suits, taking into account the situation of the tables.
  2. In cabaret or venues with shows it is more functional to start the numbering of the tables from the closest row of the track.
  3. Head the rows with the first numbers of the tens. ex. 1, 11, 21, 31, etc. continuing with the successive figures. It will try to place the tables with the numbering of the last digit at the same level, such as 4, 11, 24.
  4. If new tables are added due to the need for the service and so as not to confuse the personnel with changes in numbering, the table number is added to the additions and the letter A is added. In the case of places where the box is used Casio cash register for not having letters in its program, puts # 20 ex. 21-20.
  5. When two tables of the same row are joined, the one thus formed will take the lower number of the two.
  6. When classrooms are very large, they should be divided into sections. Eg Section A   A-1  A-11  A-21, Section B   B-1  B-11  B-21.
  7. Division by sections can also be done by grouping a group of rows into one section. Eg Section 1 rows 101,111,121. This procedure is simpler and causes less confusion than the letters.
Personnel Numbering
The dependents and other personnel will be permanently numbered, which will allow greater control and check of the tables. It can be done through a capilla that will be carried on the lapel and will be done by groups and departments. Eg from 1 to 25 for the brigade of dependents of restaurant, from 26 to 50 for room service, etc.
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