Signs used in the classroom. (2020)

Signs used in the classroom.

Below I summarize some of the signals that are used in the living room during the service.
The intention of the same is to establish communication between the members of the brigade in a silent way in order to remember a the service pending, an action or a need, avoiding the displacement of the person in charge of offering said the service needlessly.
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Tablecloth change.
Imitating the gesture of a clerk unfolding a tablecloth.
Indicating with the right hand the way it used to hang in the left hand.
4 fingers are passed horizontally through the mouth.
The natural gesture of pouring water into the glass is made.
Simulate a person breaking a piece of bread with both hands.

B x B.

Using the index finger and the middle finger simulating a knife passing it through the palm of the other hand.
3 fingers pointing downward are taught.
It is done with one hand running on the back of the other.
It simulates a cigar boiling the ash.
Spinning the hand as if sweetening something.
Soup spoon.
He puts his hand to his mouth pretending to have a drink.
Finger washes.
Move your fingers downwards as if they were in a small ball.
To pick up the table.
Making a gesture with 2 hands up.
Pass person.
The open hand is placed passing it through the other.
The open hand is placed up over the shoulder.
We imitate the way of drinking coffee.
Put the tips of the index and middle fingers on the lips.


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