Buffet service. Factors that affect the cost of goods for sale. Alimony Mode.

The thesis presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by Yisbel Carrazco Suárez. To download it completely you can do it through the following link: http://adf.ly/1W8AdK

The Buffet service is the most expensive of the Efficient Restoration in hotel establishments. The present study is used as a way to determine the main factors that affect their costs, and thus achieve better control over them.
The methodology on which this research is based starts from a Insights ABC of merchandise for sale, with the purpose of knowing the ones with the highest incidence in costs. A study was carried out to determine if this influence was given by consumption or price. Subsequently, a Insights performance, and factors that determine it, for the families with the highest participation; and a Insights of variance to compare the results obtained with those reported by the Hotel.

The investigation showed that the high costs are conditioned more by Prices that for consumption, except for fruits; which is also the lowest performing family. It was determined that the process used by the Hotel to report the losses is not adequate and that the factors with the highest incidence on performance are the quality of the raw material and the manipulation of the operator.

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