Butter and bread service

The bread and butter service (BxB) will be carried out by the assistant. It should not be considered wrong to place the bread and butter from the beginning of the service. In this there are some doubts and contradictions that today we are going to clarify.

In any service, regardless of the category that exists in the establishment, the bread and butter will be served immediately after the water, it can also be done after the cocktail at the bar. What is important is that it is put before serving the first food, be it fruit, soup or consommé, if some "tapas" are served they can come out along with these.
The customer likes to have something brought to him while he waits, and this service will be  more practical. Bread is something that is not lacking on the table in any country. On  the bread many thoughts have been drawn. "Our daily bread", "Man does not live on bread alone", "You will earn bread with the sweat of your brow"; bread is representative of the working class, bread leaves a good margin of greed for its low production cost.
There are several ways to perform this service, so we will present several examples.
  • When the bread is served in baskets and the butter in individual dishes. Baskets should be accompanied by napkins to give a good image of hygiene.
  • The butter will be pricked with a small fork and when placing it, it will be treated that the puncture is down.
  • The dishes will be placed on separate plates on the table, one for serving bread  and the other for butter.
  • The bread will be brought in baskets or tantrums and it will be passed to the plate with the help of the tongs or serving set and then the butter to the other plate.
  • The same dish for both. The bread and butter will be brought and they will be deposited on the same plate (bread first).
  • When working at group or banquet tables, this service will be done in baskets and butter separately, although the pieces of butter could be placed to two people on the same plate, this service is not much quality.
  • The bread will be repeated to the customer while he is eating, when they exist  varieties should be combined for the customer's best taste as well as enhance the category of the establishment.
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