The A la Carte Service Step by Step

A la carte service


The main function of the hostess is to welcome customers and ask them how many people will occupy the table. Immediately afterwards, you must arrange them at the table. Those establishments that have d smoking and non-smoking areas, the customer will be placed according to the preference.

Once at the table, the Waiter or Waitress, Captain, Maitre D 'or Helper must help them sit by pulling out the chairs, the ladies having the preference. Hostess can also assist in this task if necessary, which will be withdrawn as soon as diners are seated. In the absence of anyone to be senate, the hostess will proceed to register the clients in the registry and reservation control, placing the number of clients, the time and the number of the table signed. If he restaurant Hostess does not have the client must be received by the person with the highest hierarchical rank, failing that any service personnel.

Procedure to approach customers at the tables

"60 Seconds or Less". You have only a few seconds to establish a good image with their newly seated customers. Under no circumstances should a client wait more than a minute to be attended.

Analyze the situation. When you head to the table, watch your customers and see what kind of mood they are in. Do they look tired, happy, in a hurry, anxious? The ability to understand your clients from the beginning is of great importance for the success of the service.

Eye contact and smile. It is vital. When you approach your table, introduce yourself with a warm smile and look at all the guests senate at the table. This will establish who is in control and make your clients comfortable. Good eye contact helps communication.

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The introduction. Be sure to welcome customers to your establishment.

The drink order

With a restaurant with careful service we will do it as follows:

Once the clients have approached and after welcoming them, the waiter will ask them if they want any appetizer, wine or cocktail before seeing the menu. The order is in most cases the responsibility of the waiter, but in many restaurants that responsibility falls on the Captain. After serving the cocktails the bartender should ask if they want any appetizers. After served the appetizer and if their cocktails are finished, the waiter should ask if they want to repeat their drinks or prefer to see the menu. In case of requesting to see the letter, it will be delivered by the Waiter, Captain, Hostess or whoever has the most time.

Process commands

The Captain or "the Floor Waiter" who has taken the command, must make it leave immediately, not forgetting to write down in it the exact time it was finished taking, the delivery to the waiter of kitchenThat is, the assistant or waiter in charge of transporting the dishes of the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa.

The distribution of the copies of the command would be done according to the establishment standard, which is generally as follows: Original: Kitchen, 1st. Copy: Cashier and 2nd. Copy: Waiter kitchen.

The orders must go through the box first, so that the cashier can check if the copies match and it will stamp or sign the ones that will go to the kitchen, she will keep the one that corresponds to her and return the rest of the copies to the waiter, who must immediately go to the kitchen and deliver the command to the supervisor in charge of the "pass". He sings the order and the kitchen works.

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The farewell

In principle we said that the the service ended with the farewell to the client and really it is, we must not neglect ourselves until the client has left the restaurant. The moment of the farewell is very important, since it is the last impression that the client takes from the establishment. If we have received you with pleasure and have served you taking care of every detail, it is not fair that we damage the work done. It is the responsibility of the Captain or Waiter to dismiss him at the table when he gets up and the Hostess, Maitre D ', or Supervisor in charge must dismiss him at the door. When dismissing him we must use kind words, reminding him that the restaurant He has been very pleased with your presence, and invite you to come back.

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