Banquet services (I)

Features and definitions of this service

Due to the complexity of preparing, planning and conducting banquets, large hotels tend to have a banquet department, which deals with  specifically of this need.
The banquet service is influenced by many factors, which  they must be carefully controlled.  First of all, the Directorate  the Banquet Department will take care of planning;  that is, the  guidelines, procedures, programs and budgets, taking into account the  purpose and objectives to achieve.

The banquet department must take into account a series of factors that are essential for planning the  service.  These factors are:

  • Day of the celebration.
  • Banquet schedule (start and  ending)
  • Type of service
  • Number of diners
  • Menu concerted
  • Local where the service will be performed.
The first is the approximate date and time.  Once this factor has been determined, it will be checked in the department's planning if that date is feasible and there is no other service that  prevent its realization.
There is a book where reservations are placed so  I check to avoid mistakes.
A. Organization of the Service.
     I. The Locals.
     II. Provision.
         1. Furniture.
         2. Lingerie.
         3. Material.
    III. Personal.
         1. Composition.
         2. The person in charge, his functions.
 B. Material realization of the Banquet.
I. Forecasts.
         1. Personal.
         2. Furniture, material and lingerie.
         3. Drinks and other articles.
II. Set the table plans.
III. Mise en Place.
IV. Welcome Reception.
V. Location of Guests.
SAW. Service.

Organization and Development of Banquets.

Hotels and restaurants are required to organize meals  that bring together numerous people for various reasons, such  as:

-          Family meals (1st Communion, Weddings, Silver Weddings,  Golden Weddings, etc.).
-          Friendly associations, promotional anniversaries.
-          Political parties. Congresses or electoral meetings.
-          The Chambers of Commerce, reception of foreign personalities.
-          Literary awards. Official acts of the city organized by the different institutions.
This activity means a large increase in turnover, so much so that some establishments have made  it their only activity that they exercise within their premises  as outside.
In any case, the banquet service needs very particular facilities, appropriate material and personnel  specialized and very competent.
I.        LOCAL.
Hoteliers and restaurateurs who do many banquets,  they dedicate a large part of their establishment to these, which includes:
  • Rooms of variable dimensions, even with  mobile walls.
  • Reception and reception rooms.
  • Cloakroom and sinks in sufficient numbers to each room. Sometimes even independent access from the hotel
  • The specialized houses are designed to receive a  important banquet clientele. 

The good coordination between the kitchens and the dining rooms prepared by the organizers ensure the distribution of the delicacies.

II.             PROVISION
The furniture is robust, easy to store and transport, even with trolleys to make it easier to move to the various rooms.
  1. The tables: You can have the rectangular tables placed below or joining several of them, tables mounted on  easels or boards that have their legs incorporated and  folding, round or rectangular.
  2. Auxiliary furniture or service tables must be from  small dimensions since the banquets have almost  all the material arranged on the tables (plates, glass and  cutlery).
  3. The chairs can be wood, metal or fiber  designed to stack easily and at the same time elegant and comfortable, there must be a space between diners of 60 cm. for chairs and 70cms. for armchairs like  minimal to make them comfortable.
  4. Fixed or mobile bars will be located next to the  banquet hall. They can be rolling bars or just  mounted on boards like a buffet.
  5. Lingerie. The lingerie includes table napkins, tablecloths of various sizes and measures and even large dimensions, crutches adapted to all tables and boards, service stones or bracelets and cloths to dry and review, covers trays  for transporting material and for the service itself. As an example, tablecloths usually have the following  dimensions.
1.50 / m 1.50   -     2.10 / m 2.10   -     2.50 / m 2.60
4.50 / m 2.10    -    6.0 / 2.50 m   -      8.0 / 2.50 m
 III.                PROMOTIONAL
The same material can be used for banquets as in the restaurant; crockery and glassware except for serving plates which must be much larger, all of these  Materials must be provided in sufficient quantities.   
Trays are also needed for the appetizer service,  coffee, broth or cream and sometimes also for sorbet. The trays must be taken into account for removal  from service.  
The specialized material. It becomes more important as they multiply  conferences and seminars, includes the following elements: 
-          Platforms of various dimensions
-          Wooden, paper or magnetic boards
-          Music projection, recording and broadcasting apparatus.
-          Cinema screens, video monitors
-          Micros with wireless station
-          At international conferences, the installation of simultaneous translation booths must be prevented.
 IV.                PERSONAL


1.     Composition: Banquet companies comprise a staff of cadres  permanent and executing employees not permanent but as extras.
Material service. The material proposal also called Steward is in charge of inventorying silverware, tableware and glassware  as well as you must know the number of diners and the dispositions of accessories such as candle holders  fruit, decorative ceramics, etc.
Restaurant. The information note allows the Maître D`Hotel to prevent the need  of the staff appealing to the extras. Indicating to  at the same time as the menu, the arrangement of the tables and the  floral decoration.
2.      Presentation of the offer of services. Once the contact with an eventual client is made, one   Pleasant impression must be a must. During the  interview an attractive documentation allows to present the salons at the same time, suggest the menus and the various service provisions.
a) Conference and banquet rooms, sketches or plans and  photographs allow the organizers to know the  characteristics they need, surface of the rooms,  arrangement, number of seats according to the type of banquet;  a visit to the premises can follow this presentation.
b)      Suggestions of menus depending on
-          Work meals
-          Prestigious banquets.
-          Luxury Weddings
-          Lunch - Coctail
-          Buffe
 c)      Various presentations
All the reception services are made available to  clients, current services such as: soft drinks, floral decoration, music broadcasting, room reservation and rental of translation equipment, orchestras, etc.  
Of course, all these complementary services will be insured by specialists. Telex service,  secretary, magnetic tape recording, translators, hostesses, etc. 
3.        Development of sales operations.   
These comprise the following phases:
  • Ask for the reservation, presentation of a budget.
  • Confirmation, contract, constitution of a dossier, invoicing.

The most common thing is that the client moves, is received  by the banquet director or his assistants who help him to definitively establish his choice.   

The request for a reservation results in filling out a form for  duplicate: the first is sent to the banquet secretary  to open a file or dossier and register the reservation  provisional in alphabetical order. (Booking form)  
4.       Dissemination and information on services.  
Once the banquet is confirmed by the organizer, the banquet director will pass on the information by means of written instructions to the different services, in which  concerns the reception or reception, the technical performance and  restoration.
The reception service includes specialized personnel  made up of hostesses, wardrobes, and even staff  of doors or ugieres. The hostesses either from the hotel or from outside organizations are in charge of distributing brochures, dossiers, etc., as well as cigars, cigarettes and other gifts.   
The wardrobe managers are chosen under the following criteria: active, organization, presentation, kindness and above all honesty, since they must assume a  Big responsibility. If the banquet is large, other employees should be called to help.  
Outside ugiers to the establishment are often  required at the request of the interested parties.  
The technical services in charge of maintenance, electricians and those in charge of transporting and installing the furniture and equipment, as well as the technician responsible for sound and projections.

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