Under the responsibility of the banquet director, the Maître in charge of the direction and material organization of the banquet should:
Provide everything related to personnel, material, furniture, as well as other items and drinks.
Establish sketches or plans of the tables.
Direct the preparation of the assembly (mise en place)
The reception of guests and the service.
Personal. The number of employees varies according to the class of establishment and nature of the demonstration; As an example, we can provide the following:
In the case of a traditional banquet, one Maître for every 40 or 50 diners. A head of rank or waiter for every 10 or 15 people.A sommelier or wine comission for every 20 or 25 people.
In the case of a classic lunch with an assortment of style canapés great cocktail, would be: A maître D`Hotel, One rank chief for every 35 people
In the case of an assisted buffet service it would be:A maître d`hotel, A head of rank or waiter for every 20 or 25 people
Once the maitre d`hotel has determined the composition of your brigade, pass a note with the name and salary agreed for all extras so that the Banquet Director can provide the salaries of these personnel always pay at the end of the corresponding service.
These Prices of the extra personnel are established in the Hospitality agreements that the companies of the sector have with all the unions.

Furniture; material and lingerie
The type of furniture depends on the nature of the event and the arrangement provided by the organizer, according to The cases can be used boards of 1.80 m by 90cm or fine round table 1.20 1.40 m in diameter. There are also tables with oval edges for imperial or prestigious tables.
All this furniture is stored under the responsibility of the Maître or if not enough are available can rent.
The list of material, whether for the house or for rent, all which includes crockery, glassware and cutlery, as well as material for the service of kitchen, fountains, sauce boats, coffee maker, kettles, etc.
Lingerie includes tablecloths, fleeces, napkins, stones service, bracelets or cloths to review material and covers trays for the transport of material and services of the consommé, sorbet, coffee, appetizer as well as for the withdrawal in material trays from the tables.
The tablecloths are easy to choose, but depending on the type of table or buffet, special measures are required. they can be rented when they are not available in the hotel stock,
The crutches are better adapted to the tables except those of the round tables that are usually adapted using thumbtacks easy to take off at disassembly; must take into account when using various crutches, do not overlap them; They could create wrinkles on the tablecloth.
Table napkins, one is provided for each client, but a 10% reserve must be taken into account to make against any accident.
Lithos, one per waiter. You must also provide White gloves to the waiters, especially if the banquet is a table of great prestige.
The dry glasses or cloths to review can be calculated one by every 20 or 30 glasses or cups.
Other items or drinks, it is up to the Maître to provide certain items as well as drinks for example.
Bread can be a bun and a half per person, calculating about 75 grs.
Butter can be pellets at a rate of 3 per person, or well a portion.
Sugar from 12 to 15 grs. per guest.
After the forecasts indicated in the fact sheet, the Maître D`Hotel makes his command in triplicate, destined to the winery, under control and for its own service. This is worth Complete the warehouse for quantity and cost control.
In the absence of precise indications in the information sheet, The following quantities are foreseen in wines:
White wine one bottle for every 4 people
Red wine one bottle for every 3 people
Champagne champagne one bottle for every 4 people
Mineral waters one bottle for each person
Appetizer: One liter of soft drinks for every 14 or 16 people
A bottle of whiskey for every 15 or 17 people
A bottle of vermouth for every 30 or 40 people
Coffee from 12 to 15 grs. per guest
Liquors or spirits of pear and marc, you must have a assortment; only the quantities consumed are billed.
The consumption of drinks in general depends on the menu of the season, that is to say, winter or summer, of the age and even of the sex of the guests, reason why its calculation.
Establish the Table Plane.
In order not to leave anything to chance, the Maître D`Hotel indicate the position of the tables in the form of diagrams indicating the squares. As an example we present the type of more classic tables.
In I in T or in U, they are adaptable tables to a number of 40 or 50 persons; in E or comb, for 80 or 100; in the form of tables separate and a rectangular presidency, the others round or all round for large capacity banquets from 150 or 200 to 2000 or more diners. The Imperial table of 60 to 100 diners for prestigious banquets, It is a table of 1 m. wide and has the ends in semicircles, it is achieved by adding boards and leveling them by half of wooden wedges and adding at the ends some supplements in semicircles or boards that are prepared with round edges. The imperial table must have a wide decoration in its central part with flower arrangements, of tropical fruits, ceramic figures, chandeliers, but it should also not be too saturated or charged, but Sometimes simplicity is synonymous with good taste.
Mise en Place
The Maître D`Hotel of banquets appoints a person in charge of the mise en place in each of the classrooms. This is done according to traditional methods, however, a particular attention to the arrangement of the chairs, the table linen, the use of material, the presentation of menus and cards and floral decoration.
1st. The chairs.
Each guest must have space of 60 cm. for each chair and 70 cms. if it is an armchair.
Place an equal number of chairs on each side of the seat of the president. Avoid in everything possible to put guests with their backs to the presiding table.
2nd. The Tablecloth.
All tablecloths must have a fleece first. The fleeces are made of thick white blanket, their mission is to avoid rubbing the tablecloth with the board and have a softer and softer contact with it, in order to avoid noise when leave the plate on the table amortizing the shock. The crutches should be somewhat longer than the tables, but they should never protrude from the tablecloth and should be attached to it.
When the fleeces are not the same length as the tables you can use several of them of the same measures and of equal ironing superimposing them making them coincide the folds and taking care that a regular line remains and continues as if it were one.
3rd. The service material.
When the banquet is small, a mise en place a la carte, that is, just putting the cutlery of the first two plates reserving the trincheros on crutches or plated to go putting them as well as dessert, but when the banquet is large you have to do the same in a complete place, type menu at a fixed price in which all the material to be arranged on the table.
4th. Table numbers, cards, and menus.
At important banquets, a large number should be placed on each table and on a support to be seen with the maximum clarity so that the client finds his place.
A card bearing the name of each guest will be placed either on the napkin or in front of the glasses.
A printed cardboard menu indicating in detail the food, wine and the character of the banquet or event usually placed to the left of each base plate or standing leaning against the glass of water.
5th. Floral Decoration
Floral decoration depends on the taste of the organizers so that there are no mistakes, good information is essential in the slogan sheet for the mise en place.
A center at each table, a special center at the table honor with candles, different colors, carnations, roses, tulips, sterlicities or birds of paradise, etc. and a special center for the reception buffet and appetizer.
Already at the entrance there will be blackboards or boards that clearly indicate the location of the various banquets, seminars, etc. A stewardess directs the participants to the wardrobe and to the different rooms.
A well-organized wardrobe close to the room Banquets allow a speed in the execution, and a total security.
Giving the delivery of each garment or item deposited a number whose duplicate accompanies the garment in this way to the output will be delivered quickly and without risk of mistakes.
A bar should be provided as close as possible to the lounge of the banquet. It is used to pause a soft drink in the case of a seminar or for the snack service before dinner or lunch, where all the guests of foot, they greet and exchange impressions and can last from hour to hour and a half until it is announced that dinner is ready.
Location of the guests.
At the moment that the organizer judges that they should go to the table, it is the Maître D`hotel that is to be announced to go to table. This is a delicate moment, a good organization avoid crowds and doubtful and indecisive people, it also depends on the number of diners.
For a small banquet that is to say 50 or 200 people only with a lectern at the entrance with the lists of the guests by table numbers and then the help of the Maître or his collaborators who have another list in alphabetical order of the names of all guests and their table number helps find your place immediately; When the hall entrance It is in the center that even tables can be arranged on the right and odd numbers on the left, being the presidency. or main in the center, this can facilitate speed in consulting the plate of the tables. When the banquet is on more than 500 or 1000 people there must already be next to the lists a map with the general location of the rooms and the exact location of the tables with their corresponding number.
An arrival and reception letter is delivered by a stewardess where each participant can see on the map, the situation of his table and the indication of his place. The problem It consists of matching the review of the letter that is delivered with the table number and the name of the cards.
The maître d`hotel helps only the undecided and retarded.
When it comes to a non-formal banquet, only the guests at the table of honor will have their reserved place Other guests are grouped according to their affinities.
To carry out a unit in the service many times by personnel not too usual in the company (extras)
The maître d`hotel will be constantly watching. And before that start by grouping the entire brigade to give instructions. On presence, service of the dishes, service of the wines, disruption or withdrawal of service and finally the collection of material and furniture.
Presence of clients.
The presence of ladies at a banquet should not change the service order except when it is a wedding and most guests are couples or couples. In this case it will start by the older lady at the table and at each plate one different lady, for in this way you do not have preferences.
The presiding table in the event of a wedding first serve the bride, then the groom, then the mother of both, following the rest of the table in case the priest is As a guest, you will be served next to the bride and groom.
The honorary presidency is served to the president, then the one on his right and the one on the left, moving away from the center little by little. little.
Dish service.
For the dishes to be synchronized, they must be follow the following rules.
All waiters appear at the kitchen together.
Everyone enters the room at the same time in single file, one after another, the first being those who serve in the presidency and then by order those who have their turn furthest from the entrance.
Dishes or dishes must be presented by waiters bosses at all tables at the same time.
The maitre d`hotel located behind the presidential table monitors the development of the operation, giving the signal to start serving.
The dishes are served English, that is, directly from source to dish and only in cases of whole fish or other delicate delicacies are served in gueridón.
The wine service.
The usual rules apply to serving wine; the wine is tasted only by the Sommelier if it exists or by the Maître and not by the president of the banquet table, even if you must serve this one first. To avoid waiting, wines should be served before dishes.
Shred or remove the dishes.
Withdrawal as well as serving must be synchronized, the Maître orders the presidential table to be collected and at that moment not before each waiter or head of rank begins the collection of his turn.
Banquets often end with speeches that are usually after coffee, it is convenient that all waiters at that time except sommeliers or spirits.
When the banquet is over the tables are quickly broken, the Maître d 'order to collect all the material only on tables where there are no longer customers, but in desktop case is collected leaving only the glass of water and liquor, changing the ashtrays if necessary. At that time they must have large spaces and boards to deposit the dirty material in order and taking great care of what no material breaks over the entire glass.
Later when time is available, it will be cleaned and stored for when the next banquet comes.
We are witnessing strong progress today in contacts human and business relationships, it is evident that the reasons for large meetings multiply.
The banquet department in a hotel establishment can significantly increase turnover and profits.
Contributing to give the greatest possibilities of movement of work to the company as well as singularly increase its prestige.
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