How to solve situations in the restaurant? - 2021

How to solve situations in the restaurant?

Work in a restaurant, whatever the position, we will somehow be in contact with the customers. Not all clients are the same, and although in another of our posts we will share the types of clients we may have, today we want to share with you some situations, many very common and simple, that may arise during the the service we offer, with its possible solutions.

situations in the restaurant
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The cases presented below, some have a single, direct, verbal and / or practical response, others require a Insights according to the rules and procedures established with more than one solution.

Situation Possible solution
The customer enters the dining room with his hat on. It is requested and stored in the maitre's desk
The table is limp It fits.
There is a broken chair in the living room. He leaves the place and reports to maintenance
In the dishes there is a chipped glass and a chipped plate or cup. It is withdrawn from the place to another where it is not possible for a worker to take it at the peak of work (the ideal is to remove it from the service permanently)
The customer arrives at the dining room loaded with packages They are helped and placed in one of the chairs at the table, if the table is complete, a chair is added.
There is a light bulb burned out in a lamp. It is reported to be changed or it is requested and changed by the dependent himself
The client has a headache, tooth ache, etc. You are offered a pain reliever (must be in the medicine cabinet)
The customer drops a cutlery or napkin on the floor. It is replaced clean and later the dirty one is collected.
The customer orders the entire order together. It serves you.
The customer wants nothing but coffee. He sits down at one of the dining room tables set up to eat. The mount is removed and the water and coffee are served.
The customer asks for a box of cigars or a tobacco The cigar box is brought to him on a tray, the cigars in their box for the customer to choose, or on a small tray. If there is no tray, in a salad plate
The client sits at a table in the restaurant to accompany a person and does not want to make any consumption. A glass of water is put on it.
The customer requests for dessert a dish placed as an aperitif on the list of Prices It is served to him at any time that he indicates.
The client wants coffee at breakfast at the beginning and at the end. It serves you.
The food the customer ordered ran out. He must be given an excuse and offered a similar one.
In the price list there is an omelette, and the customer wants fried eggs. It serves you. Simple egg dishes and other easy-to-make dishes should always be satisfied.
When taking the order we see that there are indecisions on the part of the client when making his choice. The planned dishes are suggested.
The requested dish did not leave and its departure will be delayed. An explanation is given to the client and the time it takes is indicated. If you do not want to wait, you are offered another dish that is prepared
A game arrives in the room and we do not have a table available at that time You are informed that you must wait in the bar or lobby. The name is taken to call her later. At the bar you can take your order.
The table that the customer wants is occupied. You are told that you can wait for it if you want, or take another.
A liquid sauce is spilled on the table. The cover or tablecloth is changed.
We spill sauces, food, liquids, etc. on a client. He is apologized at the same time that he is helped to clean the stained with cloths, napkins, hot water, talcum powder, etc.
Customers request toothpicks. They are taken away.
The customer wants to repeat the coffee. The complete service is performed including the change of cup and water if the latter is on time.
The customer got splattered with grease. Hot water is brought in a cup, a napkin and talcum powder.
The client requests that the bread basket and the coffee pot be left on the table You are left except that there is only one coffee pot
The client does not want to be put on water The cup is removed. If you do not want cold water, water is offered to you at the time
The customer is left with a property on the table. It is about locating, if it does not appear immediately, it is handed over to the head of the room who will keep it until the end of the shift, in his desk. If they do not come to claim it, it is delivered to the Housekeeper or, failing that, to the administrator.
The client invites the worker to take The invitation is thanked and declined.
The customer used the wrong cutlery. The used one is removed by another clean one.
The client does not place the cloth napkin on his legs and this makes serving at the table difficult. She opens her napkin and stands on her lap while saying excuse me.
There is practically no space on the table to place the dishes. It involves removing the ones that have been consumed, the vase and the ashtray are removed and the other dishes placed in front of the customers are joined, they can also be removed a little from the edge of the table.
A party of two sits at a table set up for four The excess cutlery is removed and the centerpieces are moved to an angle of the surface, according to the place that the clients occupy. The ashtray should be closer to the customers
Salt from the salt shaker does not flow Salt must be treated in the kitchen beforehand. In this case the salt shaker is changed.
Several customers who were not present join a table More tables are added and assembled
When we take the tray, it falls off. Everything that has been healthy is collected immediately and what was broken is removed with the foot, so that it does not cause an accident. The cleaning waiter is called and if he is not clean a backpack or scrubber
A very large party enters, larger than the largest of the dining room tables. Tables are joined until you have the necessary area. If there is no space available at that time, customers are invited to wait until the table is ready or split into two or more tables.
The customer brings a dog and requests a table The policy of the restaurant as for pets.
The party has a radio and plays it out loud You are asked to please turn it off. In the restaurant you can't put radios.
The party has finished having coffee a while ago, order another coffee. The table is completely cleaned, if the cover is dirty, it is also changed and cold water and coffee are served.
The party that has finished drinking coffee and the glasses are half full of water Water is served again
The client wants:

  1. Tortilla
  2. Grilled steak
  3. Wine
  4. Chips.
  5. Seafood cocktail
The clerk asks:

  1. Of potatoes?; Of ham? etc.
  2. To the English ?; To the Spanish ?; Middle term?
  3. White or red, etc.
  4. French? Spanish style? Etc.
  5. Russian Sauce ?; Mayonnaise ?, etc.
The customer wants: Ice cream The clerk asks: Strawberry ?; Chocolate ?, etc.
The client makes the gesture of getting up It is helped to get up by removing the chair.
Situations in which the procedures established by the administration
Situation Possible solution
There is a drunk customer at the table.

  1. He is asleep on the counter.
  2. He moves around the room disturbing other customers.
  3. Speak loudly and gesticulate.
  4. He vomits on the floor.
  1. He wakes up quietly and is offered the bill.
  2. Call him aside or point out his mistake. The second step, offer him to pay his bill and leave. If it does not obey, the procedure that the administration has established: use security agents on site, call the police, etc.
  3. One at the table who is calm is called to communicate it to the one who is speaking aloud.
  4. He is given a paper napkin and tries to help his discomfort. It is oriented to go to the bathroom. The cleaning assistant is called quickly. If you delay, the vomit can be covered with sawdust, newspaper, sand, or paper napkins.
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Always be attentive, stay calm, for no reason lose your composure, remember that the client is going to leave at some point and may or may not return, but you are going to continue serving other people and that is your work, from where it generates the daily bread. A bad attitude or response from you can trigger other undesirable situations within the restaurant and they can influence the rest of the customers.

I am a dreamer and in my dreams I believe that a better world is possible, that no one knows more than anyone, we all learn from everyone. I love gastronomy, numbers, teaching and sharing all the little I know, because by sharing I also learn. "Let's all go together from foundation to success"
situations in the restaurant