Something happens? Find out before your client (2021)

Something happens? Find out before your customer

If you feel that "something bad" is happening in your restaurant or you have the feeling that the staff is not providing adequate service, it is time to hire an “observer” to point out the points to correct before losing customers.

If you assume that by being in your restaurant 14 hours a day everything runs smoothly in all areas of it, you may be in for a big surprise. Unless customers really care about it restaurant the one they're dining at, they probably won't tell you about their positive or negative experiences they have, but rest assured, they'll tell dozens of other potential customers.

Since the advertising Word of mouth is the # 1 referral source for restaurants, you need to make sure this information is positive. Observer reports will provide you with that insurance.

Since the 90s, publications in the restaurant industry indicate that customer service is the key to success. With this in mind, it is time for you to develop a system to monitor the service in your restaurant. Running an observer's report on your own restaurant It is probably one of the few things that the owner or manager cannot possibly do, as whenever you sit at one of the service stations, their staff will provide better or worse service than the average customer receives.

If the "lucky" waiter is nervous or intimidated by your presence, you will probably get great service, due to your fear of making a mistake. However, if the server is busy and has occasional communication with you, your service will tend to change as you spend more time with the real customers. Either way, you are not getting the real picture. This is where your "spy" comes in - the professional observer in the bar or dining room.

Employ the service of an observer

If you are interested in uncovering failed sales opportunities, improving customer satisfaction, or simply taking control of the cost of a drink that is fluctuating dramatically, staying high over time, or generally too high, employing professional observers is an important part of the solution.

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At the very least, they will reassure you that everything is okay. You are more likely to reap the benefits of increased dining room sales, better service, and many more dollars in the bar box as a result of observer results.

Here are some other reasons for hiring an observer

Bill Meyer, president and owner of the Meyer group (marketer of restaurants terrace type), hired an observer to evaluate a waitress sales training program and to provide a comparison of weekday versus weekend service. He also used the reports to conduct a comparison between his three restaurants.

Marque Schellhorn, vice president and chief operating officer of the restaurants O'Connor's Beef 'N Chowder House, in Somerset, realized that he couldn't be at both restaurants simultaneously and knew that each unit generally performed better when he was there. He sent observers to the unit he did not visit to try to find out what happened when he was not present. In addition, he sent an observer after introducing a new menu to check the sales capabilities of his staff and the total knowledge of the menu by the staff.

Ric Rutherford, owner of the restaurant Rio Station, in Rio Grande, had a feeling that one of his waiters did not record all the sales he made during a promotion of beer. In a two-hour period the waiter was involved in 15 erroneous transactions, which cost restaurant $ 20 in unrecorded sales. At the end of the review he multiplied the result by four and realized that he had a potential loss of $ 80 per shift.

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Moral of the story - if you don't have an outside source monitoring your business, you won't know what's going on. Why not get the peace of mind of knowing that everything is under control and that you can sleep better at night?

What to expect

The goal of an observer is not to criticize the restaurant's food or service. If that's what it is, anyone, in your opinion, could tell you what you're doing wrong ... But professionally trained observers provide a restaurateur with a detailed description of a typical customer experience, every step of service, from their first impression. when calling to make a reservation or directions to get out of the parking lot faster or its lighting. A professional observer service should focus on:

  1. Employee handling of cash
  2. Quality of service and type of staff training
  3. Precise menu layout and content
  4. Compatibility between the wine list and the Prices
  5. Care of the environment (music, lighting, tables, chairs etc ...)
  6. Presentation of food and beverages
  7. Compare the price and cost of food and beverages
  8. Sales service
  9. Cleaning in general (but especially of the bathrooms) and
  10. Dozens of several more observations

However, it is not unusual to ask observers for some special requests. LLRCI (Linda Lipsky Restaurant Consultants, Inc.) was once asked to send a foreigner, because they suspected that waiters were adding excessive tips to the accounts of non-English speaking customers, without their permission. In another situation, they asked observers to "set up" a mess, just to see how the managers handled the situation.

The best reports also include a list of primary observations and recommendations that will help you achieve a higher level of service, increase sales, more positive word of mouth, and feedback checks. costs more fair.

Observation results should be sent back to the restaurant within seven days after the first visit to ensure a quick response and correct any abnormalities. If there is a significant problem (such as a "NO SALES" report from a waiter within a two hour period), you should expect a call from the observer within 24 hours.

When deciding to hire an observer, you will need to balance the fees for the report against the cost of a “free drink” or a failed sale, per server, per shift, 365 days a year (45 x 5 servers x 2 shifts x 365 days = 164 thousand pesos) or the value of a customer lost due to poor service (average of the bill per person x 52 weeks, assuming that the customer dined at your restaurant once a week).

With this, you will really realize the amount of money you can allocate to have a good diagnosis of your restaurant. So if a higher level of customer service is one of your goals for this year - and you better be! - Consider testing your staff by hiring a service from an outside observer.

Find the flaws and then fix them, before your customers do and decide to go to another restaurant.

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