Food trends for 2020

Food trends 2020 - The natural evolution of needs

Trends are related to the natural evolution that occurs in the needs, motivations and preferences of the consumers, and that affect their behavior when consuming. If we consider that the consumer should be the main driver of innovation, trends become strategic information for processes, of innovation.

Detecting and studying these trends allows us to respond to current consumption demands and anticipate those of the future, prematurely detect business opportunities in niche markets, and tackle R&D initiatives with greater potential success.

The study of the behavior of the way people eat seeks to explore new ways to fostering a culture of innovation in the food business environment. Thus, trends are incorporated into innovation processes, as a context for the birth of inspiring ideas that lead to identifying and addressing new business concepts and / or designing creative (new) products / services.

Food Telling, food with a message

Globalization, the progressive disconnection with food production, the growing concern for food security and, ultimately, the search for confidence and smart consumption, are behind Food Telling. A trend that connects consumers and foods that it consumes by incorporating or associating messages and stories to food products. Food Telling responds to a demand for transparent and attractive information, providing added value to products, brands and manufacturers, giving them greater identity and authenticity.

Supersense, multi-sensory experience

In advanced societies, food has gone from being a mere physiological need to becoming a more aspirational activity, acquiring at certain times an "extraordinary" character within the everyday. Supersense is the trend that refers to food products that seek to generate an impact that activates the 5 senses, generating a intense and full sensory experience, cause original and different sensations intimately associated with pleasure to eat.

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Slowcal, responsible and sustainable consumption

As part of Slowcal an aspiration or need arises for a consumption of quality, where enjoyment, balance and sustainability.

The rapid pace of life, globalization and waste in the modern consumer society have generated a current that seeks to counteract these impacts on the quality of life of individuals. Slowcal is the trend that implies greater awareness and responsibility modules with the impact of food consumption in the personal sphere,social, economic and environmental. Hence the identification with the local, granting a higher status to the closest environment.

Here & Now, Here and Now

Advanced, urban and technology-dependent societies are characterized by mobility, living connected to the “now”, the reconciliation of life online and offline, and the pressure of time. Here & Now is the trend that seeks to contribute to facilitate the lifestyle of urban nomadsthey demand flexible, optimize the management from his tiempotake care of your health, and above all the instant gratification of your needs Anytime, anywhere.

Entertainment, food experience

In the era of entertainment and in a context of austerity and greater self-control, we must not forget that people are ultimately emotional beings, driven largely by aspirational and the desire to experiment. Eartertainment It is related to complacency and the need to escape from day to day, seeking memorable experiences that connect with emotional needs of individuals

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Made Simple, make it simple

The current consumer is exposed to over-selection, infoxication, and a feeling of continuous lack of time, which generates anxiety at the time of consumption in the face of the increasing number of strategic to take. The tendency MadeSimple is associated with both product as the purchase and consumption process and induces to create flexible solutions that allow the smart buying and consuming, simplifying the choice and opting for the best option, while saving time and ultimately making life easier to customers.

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MyHealth, personalized healthMyHealth is the trend related to proactive and responsible attitude to the promoting well-being and self-health, through self-management in prevention, conservation, and monitoring. This is reflected in a search for personalized food, adapted to personal needs, to achieve a balance between physical state and mental / emotional well-being.

Food and eating habits are the main non-genetic factors that decisively influence the maintenance of people's health and quality of life, with an important role in the prevention of chronic diseases associated with food. If this is combined with a greater aspiration to live continuously in an active and healthy way, health becomes the main objective of any individual.

EgoFood, food expression

Individuals have both a social facet (as part of groups with common needs, interests and tastes), and an individual, being independent beings with their own identity and in search of authenticity. The tendency EgoFood seeks that both facets coexist and express themselves, so it focuses on the “personification”In mass consumer products of the personal wishes, values, aspirations or status. EgoFood pursues the connection between the consumer and that "dimension" of the product that fits his personality (in addition to their needs), and with what you feel identified.

More natural

The trend towards natural and organic food is not slowing down: in fact, its popularity is increasing and we expect 2020 to be the most important year for this category. Across Europe, consumers will continue to reject products that contain too many additives, instead adopting natural ingredients like premium fruits and vegetables.

Healthy aging

The products Healthy aging programs are not only aimed at those over 60 years: consumers of all generations are becoming more aware of how what they consume affects their life, health and appearance. For example, more and more manufacturers are seeking to take advantage of the anti-aging power of antioxidants in berries such as strawberries and aronia.

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Fermented foods

What started with probiotic yogurts has now been expanded to fermented foods like kefir and kombucha. Intestinal health is a category we hope to expand by 2020. Although acidity and unusual taste are a hurdle for many consumers, we predict that sweetening fermented foods and drinks with Fruits and vegetables, such as raspberry and plum, to improve their palatability will become increasingly common.

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More traceability, less waste.

Consumers are no longer interested in the final product, but instead seek sustainability. A key concern is food waste, and with more than 50 million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables thrown away each year, simply for cosmetic reasons,.

Convenience remains king.

Convenient food to eat on the go is not a new trend, but in 2020 we will see it taken to a whole new level. Food and beverage manufacturers and retailers will need to further leverage an audience that is increasingly tight with busy hours, but doesn't want to sacrifice health goals or end their curiosity about new ingredients, flavors, and formats.

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