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Title Size Format Link
Quantitative analysis of the supply-demand relationship in the management of restaurant "Back down" belonging to the "Conde de Villanueva" hotel of the Habaguanex company 1.87 MB PDF
Analysis of the main factors that affect the cost control of the Buffet Table service in a four-star hotel in Havana City 1.79 MB PDF
Analysis of the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination 822.27 KB PDF
Causes that affect the low level of income from groceries in the Piropo Jesús María cafeteria of the Palmares Centro branch 975.75 KB PDF
Classification of restaurants on your own in Havana.pdf 661.48 KB PDF
Behavior of the gastronomic offer of the Bar-Cafeteria ̈ El Barbaram Pepito ́s Bar ̈ 1.38 MB PDF
Behavior of the gastronomic offer of the product "Restaurant Mirabana Snack Bar ”at the Iberostar Parque Central Hotel 1.2 MB PDF
Quality diagnosis in the Restaurant Buffet "Miramar" at the Hotel Meliá Habana 1.26 MB PDF
Quality diagnosis in the Restaurant Maraka's at the Saint John's Hotel. 1.06 MB PDF
Diagnosis of non-quality costs in the Restoration activity of the Cabaret Tropicana Branch 26.06 MB PDF
Diagnosis of Non-Quality Costs in the Restoration activity of the East Branch, belonging to the Grupo Empresarial Extrahotelero Palmares SA 1.71 MB PDF
Diagnosis of Non-Quality Costs in the Restoration Activity in the Restaurants La Bodeguita del Medio and La Cecilia 1.49 MB PDF
Diagnosis of the key processes in the "Boutique Restaurant" of the Club House, belonging to the Residencial Tarará SA 1.2 MB PDF
Design of Food and Beverage Services of the Hotel Lincoln of Grupo Hotelero Islazul 2.6 MB PDF
Design of a Sanitation Program for the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Havana.pdf 652.97 KB PDF
Quality evaluation in the Buffet Restaurant "La Cascada" of the Hotel Comodoro & Bungalows. 1.3 MB PDF
Quality evaluation in the Fructuoso Rodríguez and José Machado university canteens 1.13 MB PDF
Evaluation of customer satisfaction with food and beverage services at Grupo Cubanacán facilities in Havana. 890.58 KB PDF
Evaluation of the operation of the "El Cubano" Cooperative. 1.37 MB PDF
Evaluation of the level of satisfaction in the external client of the restaurants Don Cangrejo and Tocororo 1.11 MB PDF
Factors that Influence the Cost of Goods of the Buffet Service in a Hotel 922.52 KB PDF
Factors that affect the quality of the service at the Tulipán Hotel Tulipán Pizzeria Cafeteria 1.05 MB PDF
Factors that affect the demand for the restaurant “Salón Rosa” at the Hola-Ola Complex 419.84 KB PDF
Factors influencing buffet table costs 421.6 KB PDF
Factors that influence the gastronomic services of the Galápago cafeteria at Residencial Tarará. 405.3 KB PDF
Factors that influence the costs of the buffet table in a 4-star city hotel 1.62 MB PDF
Incidence of hygienic-sanitary factors in compliance with good manufacturing practices in the Central Kitchen 792.23 KB PDF
La Efficient of Supplies in the Restaurant "La Torre" 1.64 MB PDF
Measurement of external customer satisfaction in nightclubs 1.48 MB PDF
Measurement of customer satisfaction at Rancho Palco restaurant 1.61 MB PDF
Proposal of actions to improve the menu of the Comodoro restaurant 1.73 MB PDF
Design proposal for the Wine List for the La Scala Restaurant of the Meliá Habana Hotel of the Meliá Hoteles International SA Chain 3.87 MB PDF
Proposal for the standardization of the Technological Charts of Cuban Typical, Classic or Traditional Cocktails in Bars of Havana City 1.07 MB PDF
Proposals for actions to improve the structure of the El Rancho restaurant menu 1.4 MB PDF
Competitiveness strategy proposals for the Bar-Restaurant "FLORIDITA" referring to the surrounding private sector. 1.31 MB PDF
Buffet service. Factors that affect the cost of goods for sale. Food Pension Modality. 1.68 MB PDF
Buffet Table Service: Factors that affect the cost of groceries 1.36 MB PDF
Typology of control activities for the transmission of Know How in the Food and Beverages area of ​​the Occidental Miramar Hotel 2.91 MB PDF
Assessment of the importance of the gastronomic service of the protocol area, room service and office in the "Palacio de Convenciones de Cuba". 1.72 MB PDF