Edenred Spain collaborating with Mobivery presents Ticket Go, a mobile app that will make life much easier for those who use ticket restaurant to eat out day by day as well.

 Until now we had different ways of looking for establishments: look for the "Ticket restaurant" in the place itself, ask, search the web ... Now we can go beyond the list that we have mentally designed and search directly from the mobile phone for those restaurants adhered to the service that we can test if we want to do a slightly more varied route, since the Ticket Go will identify us on the map all restaurants, bars and shops that accept tickets from Edenred, and will include a search by establishment name or location if we are looking for something more specific.
Apart from the location function we find in Ticket Go a quite practical function that will allow us to manage the movements of our card if we are users of Ticket restaurant, Corporate Ticket, Transportation Ticket o Gift Ticket, having the possibility to change the PIN, request a reminder or block the account if we lose the card.
You can download the app from Google Play Or from iTunes.

Source: wwwhatsnew.com



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